Good Rx is Good Medicine

Rockwall Dermatology Service Announcement: *

*Rockwall Dermatology has no affiliation with this website, but we have found it useful and want to share this resource with everyone.

We know that the cost of medicines can be burdensome to patients. Unfortunately, the current medical landscape is complicated and often unpredictable. The prices of medicines can fluctuate and vary depending on each person's insurance plan, preferred pharmacy, market forces, and random chance.

We would like our patients to know about a resource that may be helpful to save money on prescription medicines. A website called offers price transparency (cost comparison) with coupons for people who choose to purchase medicines out-of-pocket, outside of insurance benefits. Most major pharmacy chains participate (for example, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc.).

How can you benefit from the website?

  • You lack prescription benefits (are self-pay),
  • You want a prescription for cosmetic use (for example, Retin-A), or
  • You have a high deductible plan and do not expect to meet your deductible. Note that coupon use is usually incompatible with pharmacy insurance benefits, so the purchase will not count towards your deductible.

How do I use the website?


  • Enter your zip code and details of your prescription
  • Select your pharmacy and get a coupon to bring with you to the pharmacy

Note, if we have sent your prescription to a different pharmacy than one you find on the website, you can call the preferred pharmacy, and they will usually arrange for the prescription transfer.


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