Online Dermatologist

Dr. Jessica Saucier

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jessica Saucier MD, FAAD treats patients for skin concerns of all kinds and now provides virtual telehealth appointments to address a variety of dermatological issues.

Our online dermatology visits offer the same Tier-1 level healthcare and high-quality results in a secure, safe, and convenient environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Dermatology

The public health emergency declared for Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed how most insurance companies view online dermatology and telehealth appointments. Here are a few questions about online dermatology answered:

Does insurance cover an online dermatology appointment?

Due to COVID-19, most insurance companies now process online dermatology visits similarly to in-person dermatology visits. For specific information regarding your individual healthcare benefits, you should contact your insurance company directly.

What is my payment for online dermatology?

If you have insurance, we'll collect a co-pay or deductible when scheduling the appointment and then bill your insurance company just as we would for an in-person visit. For self-pay patients, we collect the self-pay rate when we schedule your appointment.

What if I need a prescription?

After your appointment, we send all prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy.

What if a biopsy is needed?

We can schedule an in-person visit, if the doctor determines that you should be seen for a biopsy or require additional urgent evaluation in-person.

What is the process for online dermatology?

We work diligently to make the telehealth process convenient and easy for everyone. After you make an appointment, we'll send you an email with your meeting information. All relevant forms can be completed and submitted securely online, and we'll call you prior to your appointment to make sure you're logged in successfully to the video application.