Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Success at Rockwall Dermatology is measured by our patients' satisfaction with the services and health care received at our clinic and afterwards.

— The Team

*Here's what our patients tell us...

July, 2019Terrell
"Dr.Saucier and her whole staff are all exceptional people .I would definitely recommend family and friends to Rockwall Dermatology."
July, 2019Rockwall
"My appointment time was on schedule. All of our time is valuable and I appreciate the staff recognizing this and not double booking."
July, 2019Rockwall
"This was a last minute issues and they were very accommodating to work my son in for appointment. Even though they had to work him in there was little wait time and dr took her time with us."
July, 2019Heath
"Appreciate the help with reducing the cost of my perception."
July, 2019Rockwall
"The doctor is very knowledgeable"
July, 2019Garland
"Love Dr, Saucier!! Exemplary in every way!"
July, 2019Royce City
"Dr. Saucier is very good at her job. Would recommend to anyone."
July, 2019KAUFMAN
"Dr Saucier is great"
June, 2019Rockwall
"Dr Saucier and her assistant were both wonderful."
June, 2019Fate, Texas
"Dr. Saucier and her entire staff are polite and professional and make your visit pleasant! They offer the latest techniques. They give you honest answers on the outcome of the procedure."
June, 2019McLendon-Chisholm
"I feel like the staff at Rockwall Dermatology runs things well. They were courteous and competent. I will be back!"
June, 2019Mesquite
"I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had st the office . Everyone from the receptionist to the checkout desk were very friendly and helpful . The nurse and the Dr . went above and beyond to answer all questions and concerns . I was not rushed and felt like they cared . I would highly recommend this dermatologist office to any and all ."
June, 2019Farmersville
"Dr. Saucier is extremely professional and the staff is incredibly friendly and compassionate."
June, 2019Royse City TX
"Just the kindest environment possible. Professional & Efficient. Never felt rushed or unimportant. Would Most Definitely RECOMMEND"
June, 2019Rockwall
"Dr S was very thorough in her examination. She also fully explained the treatment options."
June, 2019Lavon
"Very Good Explanation of what is going on and what treatment is available."
June, 2019Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is exceptionally knowledgeable and not only diagnosed my fingernail issue but thoroughly explained the condition and healing process, as well as, duration of treatment needed to heal properly. Thank you!"
June, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is the absolute best. She and her staff are awesome!"
June, 2019Rockwall
"Great experience"
June, 2019Rockwall
"I would not go to any other dermatologist period!!"
June, 2019Royse City
"My experience here has always been great. It's quick but not rushed. Dr. Saucier always takes time to explain what she's doing and spends as much as time as needed with me each visit. I appreciate that."
June, 2019Rockwall
"The doctor listened to me and spent some time with me. That's the most important thing for me since I always feel like doctors are always rushing to leave before I ask them questions or before they answer me. Dr. Saucier explained to me everything I needed to know. I'm thankful."
June, 2019Rockwall
"Seeing Dr. Saucier yearly for my skin checkup is made quite calm by the Doctor's soft touch, calming manner and detail to modesty. Most of my friends dislike it so much that they simply don't make appointments. If I have a spot or patch I'm concerned about, Dr S. Is quick to put my mind at ease. I'm a patient for life! Dr. S is the epitome of proffesionalism!"
June, 2019Rockwall previously lived in Fayetteville AR
"My treatment was outstanding. The Doctor and staff were very professional and polite. Explained all treatment options for my skin cancer. Great great staff."
June, 2019Terrell Texas
"I've recently had a scan for skin cancer . I had no ideal what to expect . My experience was great . The results was explained very well . I'll retrun to Rockderm without a doubt ."
June, 2019Terrell
"Dr. Saucier and staff were very professional, knowledgeable & friendly. I have complete confidence in everyone at this office"
May, 2019Rockwall
"I have complete confidence in Dr. Saucier, she is caring and courteous.and makes you feel comfortable."
May, 2019Heath
"Very caring, polite and friendly staff all the way around. Thank you."
May, 2019Terrell, Tx
"The staff was very helpful"
May, 2019Rockwall
"I had a little anxiety when I arrived however once in the room, Dr. and her PA were so friendly and comforting. I felt very relaxed."
May, 2019Rockwall
"Dr Saucier was the only dermatologist who was able to diagnose my dermatology issue. After seeing at least 4 other doctors she pinpointed the problem and had a "stack" of papers explaining what I had and the different treatments. She suggested what she thought would be the best treatment and after 3 years of misery, my problems were under control and I no longer suffered from the outbreaks. I thank God for finding such a dedicated and caring doctor."
May, 2019Rockwall
"My husband and I both saw the was his first time to ever get a skin exam. The doctor was so patient with us in explaining conditions and meds. Thanks to Dr. Saucier and whole staff."
May, 2019Rockwall
"My appointment with Dr. Saucier went well. She was courteous and listened to my concerns and gave me good tips and how to manage my condition. I'm already seeing some improvement and will continue to visit Rockwall Dermatology in the future."
May, 2019Rockwall
"the office staff, doctor assistant and the doctor were very friendly and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend this office."
May, 2019Forney
"Such a pleasant experience when I visit this office!"
May, 2019Rockwall
"I transitioned from a dermatologist I had been seeing for over 10 years in Plano to now seeing Dr. Saucier. I have been under care going through Moes surgery and numerous outpatient procedures with the old doctor and was worried about leaving him, I am so glad I did. Dr. Saucier is wonderful ! So is very professional and caring and put my anxiety to rest. I love her office staff and PAs are so nice and caring. Dr. Saucier makes my medical condition a little easier to deal with. Thanks so much !"
May, 2019Rockwall
"Great first visit! Dr Saucier is very thorough and nice. Staff was wonderful and made me feel comfortable. Thank you!"
May, 2019Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is so informative and kind, she made sure i had all of my options and was informed about each. She even explained to me how the treatments work. The staff was so kind as well. I will never go to another dermatologist!"
May, 2019Rockwall
"Very thorough exam. Doctor and Medical Assistant were very knowledgeable, caring and courteous. Definitely will recommend"
May, 2019Rockwall
"I enjoy the people there so much, I almost want to get a rash!"
May, 2019Commerce
"Very prompt and thorough for a doctors visit. I’ve usually had to wait to be seen but I was early and was seen before my appointment time."
May, 2019Poetry, TX
"Dr. Saucier is always thorough, knowledgeable and answers all my questions. Best Dermatologist I’ve been to."
May, 2019Heath
"Dr. Saucier is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease."
May, 2019Royse City
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are so kind and thorough. It is so great having her here in Rockwall!"
May, 2019Campbell, Tx.
"We have complete confidence in the assessment and care. The entire staff is professional and caring. Both of us were able to see the doctor during the same visit."
May, 2019Heath
"Rockwall Dermatology has a very professional staff. Dr Saucier is easy to talk to and does a very thorough examine. I would highly recommend this dermatology office to both family and friends."
May, 2019Heath
"Excellent care, excellent environment, I can highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology."
May, 2019Rowlett
"Love this office. Everyone is very nice and professional. Felt comfortable the whole time."
April, 2019Rockwall
"I have seen both Dr. Saucier and Gina. Both were helpful and kind! I’ll be back."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is compassionate and really listens to all my concerns."
April, 2019Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is great and so is her staff. So courteous and helpful."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier diagnosed my problem, performed a complete body exam to ensure no cancer and her assistant provided me with information regarding the treatment. They both answered all my questions. And best, no needles !! I will return, if I need their services"
April, 2019Rockwall
"Very nice"
April, 2019Fate
"Staff courteous and polite as well as assistant and healthcare provider."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier diagnosed my husbands basal cell cancer last year and recommended a great Moh's surgeon for removal."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Very good experience ! Physician and staff were great and wait time was minimal."
April, 2019Quinlan
"Really loved this place."
April, 2019Terrell, Texas
"The personification of professionalism. I would highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology for anyone seeking the very best in skin care."
April, 2019Garland
"I couldn’t ask for a better experience with a dermatologist and her staff. The doctor was thorough and explained to me all my options and consequences of treatment for my skin cancer issues. Thanks for a pleasant experience to a serious issue."
April, 2019Sulphur Springs Tx.
"Super hospitality,very clean environment,certainly know what to do to cure symptoms.Very professional."
April, 2019Heartland
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are very professional. I am always pleased with the care I receive and would recommend the practice to others."
April, 2019Sachse
"Very kind and considerate."
April, 2019Lavon
"My concerns were addressed with a complete and understandable explanation."
April, 2019Heath
"Gina Hunt was very professional and kind."
April, 2019Rockwall
"When I initially made my new patient appointment I was told it would be a month before I could be seen but they would put me on a cancellation list & call me if an appointment became available, which they did."
April, 2019Rowlett, Texas
"Everyone at the practice is very friendly and professional, making you feel very comfortable."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Friendly knowledgeable staff. Very little wait time."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Today was my first visit with Dr. Saucier and I was very pleased. She and her staff were amazing; very attentive, provided a warm welcome and were very understanding. I would absolutely refer Dr. Saucier and her staff to my family and friends."
April, 2019Rockwall, Tx
"Prompt service with a smile and very knowlegeable. I will gladly return."
April, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are courteous and are generally concerned for you welfare Dr. Saucier explains in detail what she recommends for treatment and answers all your questions"
April, 2019Coppell
"I had appointments scheduled on Wednesday and Friday of the same week and was able to consolidate on Wednesday at 11 am and 1:30 pm with only two days notice. After my initial visit at 11 am the doctor pushed my 1:30 pm to 11:30 and I was out by 11:50 am. I really appreciated the awareness and helpfulness of the entire staff."
April, 2019Rockwall recently moved from San Antonio
"Very sweet and understanding staff. Dr. Saucier gave me a full explanation of my condition."
March, 2019Terrell
"I first visited Dr. Saucier's office with my mother, who is 98 and now in assisted living. She was so careful and thoughtful with my mother, I decided that since my own dermatologist was retiring I would change to her. She was everything I expected when I made my own first visit: careful, professional, genuinely engaged with the medical care I needed, and very, very nice. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone who needs a dermatologist."
March, 2019Terrell
"First good exam I have had. Very Pleased."
March, 2019Rowlett
"Love the staff and Dr. Saucier at Rockwall Dermatology. Always so helpful and courteous!"
March, 2019Poetry, Texas (12 miles SE of Rockwall)
"I was received and taken care of with minimum wait time. My test results were sent to my Primary Care Doctor and the next day the results also sent to my Heart Transplant Team. This information was extremely important to these people to continue my care. Thanks"
March, 2019Poetry
"Everyone at this office is exceptionable. Dr. Saucier is the best."
March, 2019Heath
"I appreciated how quickly I was able to make an appointment. Everyone was so friendly and professional. My appointment was on time and completed quickly and efficiently. I will definitely recommend this office and Dr. Saucier!"
March, 2019Sulphur Springs
"Both Dr. Saucier and Maggie were very kind and helpful. They listened to my concerns and helped answer any questions I had. Thank you!"
March, 2019
"Great doctor who is concerned, caring, and knowledgeable with suggestions for treatment. Her staff is friendly and made me feel comfortable. "
March, 2019Commerce
"Always a pleasant experience. Best team of Dr and assistant"
March, 2019Rockwall
"My appointment was prompt and handled in a caring manner, both personally and medically. I have made two recommendations to others for Rockwall Dermatology and will not hesitate to make future recommendations."
March, 2019Wylie
"Dr. Saucier was very friendly and thorough. She is the only doctor in 7 years that was able to diagnose my condition around my eyes and offer a possible solution. I am anxious and look forward to the results my eyes will show in 2 weeks from now. Only after 1 day of using the ointment I can already tell a difference. Thank you so much Dr. Saucier!"
March, 2019Rockwall, Tx
"As always, prompt, courteous care was given"
March, 2019Rowlett, Texas
"Dr. Saucier is attentive, informative, and personable. My annual overall dermatology check is the most thorough exam I have received from a dermatologist."
March, 2019Emory,TX
"Love this office, doctor and staff!"
March, 2019Rowlett
"We love everyone at the office."
March, 2019Rockwall, Texas
"Great efficiency and professionalism."
March, 2019Ennis
"Great experience !"
March, 2019Dallas
"As I grow older, the effects of sun damage from my early years has come into play, and I'm thankful that I have a kind and very expert physician to check me over once-a-year. Naturally, it's not such a bad thing to leave without the detection of anything serious, but these things do happen. I'm just happy that I have placed my skin care in the hands of dr. Saucier. She's an amazing woman and Doctor. Very knowledgable, very personable, and has a staff that reflects her dedication to serving her patients in an expert way both medically and technologically. Check-in is a breeze with an easy to use iPad program specially designed for Dr. Saucier's Office. After five years of seeing Dr. Saucier, including her four years in Rockwall) I can truthfully say that she is saving my skin. I recommend her practice wholeheartedly."
March, 2019Royse City
"One of my best experiences at a doctor's office ever....what everyone wants in their doctor!"
March, 2019Quinlan
"I’m on my second laser resurfacing and plan on another one. I will certainly come back here, they are great here, I was fearful and they helped calm me down and relax. Great place with great people."
March, 2019Heath
"Very well run office"
March, 2019Royse City
"The doctor and staff are the best."
March, 2019Heath
"Wonderful results so far!"
March, 2019ROCKWALL
"Very friendly, courteous and professional!"
March, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is a pleasant, competent, and thorough. What more would you want?"
March, 2019Quinlan
"The exam was thorough and all my questions and concerns were addressed. The counseling and written instructions for my treatment were very complete."
March, 2019Rockwall
"Dr.Saucier and staff are knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. My annual checkups are great for my peace of mind."
March, 2019Rockwall Tx.
"Made to feel very comfortable."
February, 2019Garland
"My whole life I have been dealing with acne, acne scarring. I have been to many dermatologists and left crying almost every time bc they did not want to find a solution. Both the dermatologist and esthetician took their time with me and my skin condition, and I feel way more confident than I ever have. Thank you staff."
February, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are always great!"
February, 2019Rockwall
"Everything from the initial phone call for the appointment to checking out was nothing short of awesome. Dr. Sausier is so sweet, friendly, caring and professional. She gave us options, she explained the options and helped us make the best choice. Her nurse, Jazamine was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable herself. She again made sure we understood the treatment and how to use it all. The whole experience was relaxing and pleasant. I have told others about Dr. Saucier after another child of mine used her and that is why I went back to her for my granddaughter. You will not be disappointed. Minimal wait, like five minutes."
February, 2019Fate
"First time to see Dermatologist very nice."
February, 2019Quinlan
"Dr. Saucier is very thorough and does a great job! I am very satisfied with the treatment I receive."
February, 2019Kaufman
"Very personable & professional. Great office & staff. I wad in the medical field for 25 & very impressed."
February, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is very personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. The staff are equality professional, courteous and proficient. I have referred many of my friends and family to her over the past couple of years. All have been just as pleased with their care."
February, 2019Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier has provided excellent care for our family."
January, 2019Rockwall
"Very competent , thorough and informative and a pleasant visit"
January, 2019Wylie
"Easy to get to. Fast service. Knowable staff. Great experience."
January, 2019Kaufman tx
"I was very impressed with the Doctor, she was very polite and understood that i was concerned about my moles, Thank God they were not what I thought. Took time to examine me and assure me that everything is ok."
January, 2019Rockwall
"Customer service is my business and I am treated with outstanding customer service by the whole staff every visit. Thank you for being awesome!"
January, 2019ROCKWALL
"Everyone was very professional and helpful."
January, 2019Greenville
"Always great service! Very interested in your concerns about your skin"
January, 2019Royse City
"Thank you Dr Saucier! You are wonderful!"
January, 2019Heath, TX
"Dr. Saucier has a commanding grasp of medical knowledge and I felt fully satisfied with her professional decisions and skill. For a first time patient, her examination was thorough and left me feeling confident nothing was missed. She addressed all of the items I felt were issues and then some. Although she felt 99% sure I didn't have melanoma, she took a painless biopsy to be absolutely certain due to appearance of the tissue. She personally called me the next day to share the good news that there was no skin cancer."
January, 2019Forney
"That is the first time I have been seen before my scheduled appointment!! How refreshing. Thank you for a great experience."
January, 2019Sunnyvale
"Top notch service!"
January, 2019Rockwall
"I go to a lot of doctors and hands down the best."
January, 2019Mesquite
"Excellent visit. Physician very personable and approachable. Knowledgeable and shares helpful information easily."
January, 2019Forney
"The staff is very friendly. Wait time was minimal and the doctor was quick to see me once I was placed in an exam room. Dr. Saucier is thorough in her explanations and recommendations for treatment. I highly recommend this practice to others."
January, 2019Paris Texas
"Dr. Saucier is very knowledgeable and kind. The staff is friendly and kind."
January, 2019Union Valley
"The doctor was very friendly and informative. She quickly addressed all of my questions and relieved my concerns."
January, 2019Waikoloa, Hawaii
"So, who has an emergency derm appt? I did, it was the perfect storm. A visitor from another state, having an elective surgery in 2 days and flying out 2.5 hours after my appt. Yep, the staff and Dr Saucier were superb! I could not thank them enough for fitting me in. The staff is kind, courteous, polite, efficient and pays particular attention to details. Dr Saucier understood my questions and concerns and was thorough, calm, informative and gentle in spirit. The office is so nice and clean. It appears very new. There are not a lot of dermatologists in that area, but if you are in need of one, start here!"
January, 2019Sunnyvale
"Love Gina! She has been taking great care of me!"
January, 2019Dallas
"Love Gina. She is knowledgable and professional. I would definitely recommend her and Rockwall Dermatology"
December, 2018Mesquite, TX
"The staff and everyone was wonderful. They were all very polite and answered all our questions. We Highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology."
December, 2018Rockwall
"All was great.!"
December, 2018Royse City
"Dr Saucier And staff made me feel at home answered all my questions and was very informative about my treatment"
December, 2018rowlett
"Very friendly and professional office. Would recommend them to my friends, and family."
December, 2018GREENVILLE
"It was a very nice experience. The whole staff was very courteous and professional."
December, 2018Rockwall, 75032
"Dr. Saucier is a wonderful doctor, and her staff is very nice, personable and professional, at all times"
December, 2018Fate, Tx
"They listened to my concerns and did a great job explaining what step I could take to remedy my situation."
December, 2018ROCKWALL
"Lovely office and team. Thank you."
December, 2018Rockwall
"I am so glad to have such a thorough, patient and competent doctor to be my area. She is an exception to most doctors I’ve seen and I sincerely hope she remains here."
December, 2018Forney
"Dr and staff are great. Everything is very well explained and options laid out clearly."
December, 2018WILLS POINT
"Very professional office. Dr. Saucier and her staff are very efficient. Dr. Saucier explained everything to be and her assistant also went over everything with me."
November, 2018Rockwall tx
"Dr. and staff are wonderful!"
November, 2018Heath
"This is one of the best physician offices I've ever visited."
November, 2018Fate
"Gina did an amazing job and treated me quite well."
November, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier and her entire staff is great!"
November, 2018Rockwall
"I went in for a questionable skin spot. Needless to say I was very nervous. Dr. Saucier and her staff helped calm my nerves and make me feel comfortable about my diagnosis."
November, 2018Forney
"When I first came to Rockwall Dermatology I had been dealing with a condition on my face untreated for years and I was very frustrated. Dr. Saucier ran some test and started treatments she gave me answers. She has wonderful “bedside manner” and always very nice. I’m finally on the path to seeing results the treatment plan she set out is working! Strongly recommend her and this dermatology practice."
November, 2018Rockwall
"This is the friendliest office ever! Dr Saucier was great!"
November, 2018Heath
"It's always a pleasant experience here, even though it is potentially stressful as any doctor's appointment can be. Everyone is wonderful"
November, 2018Greenville
"High class Doctors and staff. They removed lipomas for me. I am very grateful for their help. My local doctors were not helping me and the lipomas has bothered me for years, so I called this office in Rockwall and was helped quickly. I wish I had called so much sooner."
November, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is extremely caring and very knowledgeable!"
November, 2018Rockwall
"Gina was very caring and explained my options for treatment to my satisfaction. I look forward to working with her again."
November, 2018Rowlett
"The office staff from 1st phone call to check out & everything in between is so nice, professional & efficient. The Dr. is the best ever."
November, 2018Dallas
"Dr Saucier is great. Listens, and is informative and knowledgeable."
November, 2018Terrell
"I’m very happy a friend recommended Dr. Saucier her treatment options available were provided along with a education component that was easy to understand. The staff is very friendly and professional. On all of my visits I’ve had very little wait time."
November, 2018Rockwall County
"This was my wife and my first visit to your practice. Everything was great. We were lucky to get an appointment so soon because of a cancellation. All the people of the staff were very polite, friendly, professional and competent, especially Dr Saucier. Thank you for a nice office visit."
November, 2018Commerce
"They are very friendly and helpful with everything"
November, 2018Sulphur Springs, TX
"We like coming there so well that we have referred many friends to your clinic."
November, 2018Fate Tx
"So glad I found this place"
November, 2018Garland, TX
"I was immediately with the how quickly I was greeted and the pleasant atmosphere of your office. I was seen by Alyssa right away and attended by Dr. Saucier shortly after. She looked at my wound and decided a biopsy was needed which I agreed with and it was done with a minimum amount of pain. I haven’t received the results yet because this all took place just yesterday. Long story short, I was very pleased with Dr. Saucier and the staff."
October, 2018Rockwall
"I was so impressed with my visit to Rockwall Dermatology. All of the staff members were very accommodating to my strange schedule, even the doctor! She came in quickly and was very efficient and informative. I felt truly cared for by the whole office."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Very professional and friendly staff - everyone!"
October, 2018Heath
"Gina is absolutely the best esthetician in our area. I am very happy with my results from our hydro facials."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Knowledgeable and professional Dr saucer is wonderful. A true gem right here in rockwall!"
October, 2018Terrell
"Everyone at this office is awesome"
October, 2018Sachse, TX
"This was my first visit - I was very pleased with every aspect of visit!!"
October, 2018Kaufman
"Great Staff & Doc"
October, 2018COPPELL
"Exceptionally good staff and services! Professional, courteous, caring - it is a pleasure to recommend Rockwall Dermatology to others."
October, 2018Rockwall
"When I have an appointment with Rockwall Dermatology I have full confidence that my medical needs are of utmost concern for Doctor and Staff. I leave with my questions answered and follow up information I hand allowing me opportunities to review information I need to double check at home."
October, 2018Garland
"Not another dermatologist any better any where!"
October, 2018Rockwall
"Great Experience, wonderful Doctor and Staff."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is so kind and compassionate. Her staff is very knowledgeable. Always enjoy my visits."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Very happy with the doctor. I recommended her to our close friend and she has seen Dr Saucier."
October, 2018Forney
"Already recommended Dr. Saucier to 3 people!"
October, 2018Rockwall
"Always a great visit, with a great staff and AWESOME doctor."
October, 2018Rockwall
"The results from hydra facial are amazing ! I will be back! Loved her"
October, 2018Lavon
"Very professional office but also friendly. I have recommded others to this office."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Lovely office and courteous and professional service. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Dr. Saucier was understanding and explained everything."
October, 2018Rockwall
"I have a checkup once a year. I have never waited more than a minute or two before being taken to an examining room. I'm usually in/out within 30 minutes max. Dr. Saucier and her staff are always friendly, answer my questions and make sure I understand the exam and treatment."
October, 2018Heath
"Very good service. Doctor is caring. Highly recommend."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Everything about the appointment was professional, timely and comfortable."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Rockwall Dermatology raised the bar on my experience at a doctor's office. From the ease of scheduling and filling out relevant forms online to being seen in the office at the exact time of my appointment to Dr. Saucier seeing me minutes after the nurse was truly amazing. I was in and out of the office in 15-20 minutes. I switched to Dr. Saucier from a prior dermatologist about a year ago and have been very happy with the decision. I would recommend this office to anyone in need of a dermatologist."
October, 2018Rockwall
"Very courteous and professional staff."
September, 2018Terrell
"The atmosphere was very inviting and the staff was very cordial. The doctor seemed to be cery interested with my concerns, and was instrumental in directing me to others if my needs could not be met there. I thought this was so amazing. Yes, I would highly recommend your office to those who are in need of a good doctor."
September, 2018Rockwall
"Awesome doctor and staff"
September, 2018Rockwall
"The wait time was minimal and I was in and out of my appointment at a reasonable time. The nurse was super great at explaining everything to me as well as the Dr. The Dr made sure all my questions were answered and gave me options for future visits. Overall great experience!"
September, 2018Heath
"I love it when I come to see Dr Saucier she’s awsome Very professional and friendly and love her honesty The girls at the front desk very polite and friendly 😍"
September, 2018Rockwall
"The efficiency and professionalism of this office staff is to be commended! Thank you for a positive experience."
September, 2018Royse City
"I referred my mother to Rockwall Dermatologist and I am very careful who I recommend to my mother."
September, 2018Fate
"Yes you may share my thoughts. The appointment was on time. The staff is very professional and caring. The doctor was very knowledgeable, kind and on point with the diagnosis. I highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology to everyone."
September, 2018Sunnyvale
"Amazing staff efficiency! Beautiful office building and location overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard. Up to date technology. The system or staff had phone #, address to my pharmacy without my having to look it up. At end of visit, summary of my visit and doctor office notes with assessment, findings, patient education immediately available. No questioning or embarrassing pre visit insurance prepays. A no hassle check out. This Dermatology doctor and her polite, responsive staff will surely succeed and grow."
September, 2018Royse City
"This was the best experience I've ever had with a dermatologist. Dr. Saucier was kind and thorough - and not an alarmist. Very calm and asked a lot of questions. I'm very excited to have found this place!"
September, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is the best Dermatologist we have ever gone to for treatment. She was able to treat my 17 year old daughters psoriasis and get it clear after a very bad break out. The staff is outstanding I would not have anyone else treat my family!"
September, 2018Rockwall
"This was a wonderful experience after being anxious for some time. I felt my concerns were heard and addressed. I will be back for an all-over skin check and help with my skin care routine."
September, 2018Rockwall
"I appreciate the sincerity of Dr Saucier and all of her staff in all matters dealing with my skin health care. Dr Saucier has been very thorough in her examinations and straight forward in her follow-on directions."
September, 2018Rockwall
"Gina was very nice and gave me great advice. I look forward to getting my procedure done quickly!"
September, 2018Rockwall
"I can't imagine a better visit to a doctor's office! Everyone was very kind and professional, and Dr. Saucier is definitely the one you want to see when you feel anxious about a skin problem. She was reassuring and kind, attributes that make a good doctor great!"
September, 2018Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is a very polite and sweet person. She always explains things in layman terms. And all her stuff are very pleasant. She never seems to be in a hurry."
September, 2018Kemp
"Gina is the best! She is the reason I come back to Rockwall Dermatology. I could go somewhere closer to me but I chose this location all due to Gina and her kindness and genuineness. I feel completely comfortable with her and definitely recommend her!"
August, 2018Rockwall
"Awesome Doctor and Staff!"
August, 2018Quinlan
"This was my first visit. It was better than I expected! Entire office was wonderful!!"
August, 2018Garland
"Gina is awesome!! So friendly and comforting. This is the day after my treatment and I can already tell a difference. Excited about the results to come!"
August, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier gave me a thorough exam to find any evidence of any skin probems that I may have, a better exam than I've ever had before. I feel that she was not only thorough but also provided explanations concerning each skin irritation found which made me more comfortable about my skin health."
August, 2018Sunnyvale
"Very comfortable with all at office."
August, 2018Garland
"Love Dr. Saucier! Staff is impeccable! Pleasure to visit."
August, 2018Forney
"Excellent service and very professional."
August, 2018Garland, Texas
"The Medical Treatment Team and support staff at Rockwall Dermatology are outstanding. Dr. Jessica Saucier has organized a first class office that clearly makes their patients priority #1. She may be the best Dermatologist in Texas."
August, 2018Wills Point, Tx
"Staff, especially assistant is nice and knowledgeable, as is the doctor. I always enjoy my appointments."
August, 2018Rowlett, Texas
"Impressed with this office from beginning to end. Front desk staff, RN (Jody ?), Dr. Saucier and check out all par above excellence!"
August, 2018Terrell
"The staff is always kind and caring. This time was no exception! Thank you!"
August, 2018Terrell
"Everyone that I saw were extremely professional and helpful, especially Dr."
August, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is very professional and personable. She takes great care with patients."
August, 2018Garland, TX
"Dr. Saucier & her staff are top notch. Very courteous & make you feel very comfortable from when you book your appointment to when you check out. They make sure all your questions are answered & take the time to explain everything. Office is in a great location also. Highly recommend!"
August, 2018RowlettRow, Texas
"I was impressed with Dr. Saucier. She and her assistant were completely professional and took care of all my concerns."
August, 2018Fate
"Very nice office and everyone has been extremely nice to me."
August, 2018Heath Tx
"Friendly Staff, feel this staff is very trustworthy!!"
August, 2018Garland
"Love the staff! love the new esthetician"
August, 2018Kemp
"Gina is the best!!! She is the reason I came back to Rockwall Derm!"
August, 2018Royse City
"Dr. Saucier is excellent! I have seen many dermatologists and she explains everything in detail and addresses all my concerns. I feel comfortable with get and I trust what she tells me. My last visit her assistant Jodi worked with me while Dr. Saucier looked at my concerns on my skin and I was so impressed with her. Just love the care I receive with Rockwall Dermatology! Thank you Dr. Saucier and Jodi for making my office visit a pleasant one!"
August, 2018Rowlett
"I started seeing Dr. Saucier two years ago and she took the time to sit and visit with me and discuss all my concerns. She is very knowledgeable and explained different treatment options. She recently introduced me to Gina Hunt, who joined her team and I've been seeing Gina for the last few months and I have been extremely happy with Gina's care. I have major issues with raised capillaries and melasma on my face and the treatment plan Dr. Saucier and Gina have put together are affordable and convenient. I've started seeing results and feeling very confident that issues that I was so insecure about are disappearing at the root of the issue. I highly recommend Dr. Saucier and Gina!"
July, 2018Forney
"Dr Saucier performed a thorough examine and answered all my concerns with detailed information that clarified my condition. She was attentive and very helpful. The entire team was friendly and courteous. My pharmacy called and said my prescription was ready before I made it back to work. No delays there. Great job!"
July, 2018Rockwall
"Very professional & courteous"
July, 2018Rockwall
"Impressed with the professionalism and focus on customer service at Rockwall Dermatology for my dermal filler visit!!"
July, 2018Poetry, Texas
"Very professional yet friendly"
July, 2018Quinlan
"Dr. Saucier was very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. She explained everything in great detail, in terms I could understand. My treatment plan is one of the most thorough and comprehensive plans I've ever received and pretty foolproof. Jazmin (sp?), her MA, is also very knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend this practice."
July, 2018Live in Forney and work in Rockwall
"I just had my second yearly check up here and it was a very pleasant experience. This is a very well ran office. They are very efficient and very pleasant to work with!"
July, 2018Greenville
"HIGHLY recommend Dr. Saucier, as a matter of fact, I've already told several friends that they need their skin checked and that they should see her! I appreciate the minimal wait time and friendly staff."
July, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is absolutely wonderful. She explains diagnosis in terms I understand. She and her staff are compassionate and sensitive. I have already referred friends and family. They all lover her!"
July, 2018Royse City, but moving to Rockwall in August.
"Very professional staff. Have recommended Dr. Saucier to my daughter."
July, 2018Garland
"Good visit. All questions were answered."
July, 2018I live in Azle but also in Rockwall.
"The staff was efficient, caring and made sure to cover everything that was needed concerning my visit. The Doctor was sure to ask the questions concerning my visit and was sure to inform me of treatments available. Great visit!!"
July, 2018Rockwall
"I have seen other dermatologists in the area, but none have given me a more thorough exam than Dr. Saucier - and not just on the first visit. I have to follow up every 6 months and on each visit the exam has been just as thorough as the first one. Not only that, but the Mohs specialist she referred me to told me she catches the smallest of skin cancers - good for me since she's found 3 since I've been seeing her. I have recommended her to both family and friends. I certainly will continue to be her patient - never had a better dermatologist."
July, 2018Josephine TX
"This was our initial visit and we had such a pleasant appointment. The staff were all professional and polite. Dr. Saucier was so great. She explained everything she saw on our skin and took care of us. I would highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology. Thanks for your care."
July, 2018Rowlett
"I have adult acne and my face is starting to show my age- Dr. Saucier has addressed both! I’ve see a few dermatologists over the past 10 years and she is the first to really listen to me and give me great results. She never pressures me and she and the staff are kind and efficient."
July, 2018Emory
"Great staff and nice visit"
July, 2018Union Valley
"Gina was personable, kind and compassionate.."
June, 2018Rockwall
"All of Dr Saucier’s staff are so polite and caring. Dr. Saucier always answers questions, gives ideas and seems genuinely concerned about my health. I’ve recommended many people from my office in addition to my family to go to Dr Saucier, and they all have are pleased with service."
June, 2018Rockwall
"Front office staff were great to work with in scheduling my appointment and the doctor was very detailed and informative during the exam process"
June, 2018Heath
"Rockwall Dermatology is the most efficiently run and professional medical practice I have ever visited. I highly recommend Dr. Jessica Saucier!"
June, 2018Heath
"Dr. Saucier and her Staff are kind and helpful. I felt like the examination and time spent with Dr. Saucier was very thorough!"
June, 2018Rockwall
"New to the area and have seen 2 other dermatologists prior to coming to Dr Saucier. She took great care to listen completely and took her time examining me. She explained to me what was happening, but more likely causes and then treatment options. I am most impressed and proud to recommend this office."
June, 2018Point, Tx
"Dr Saucier is awesome and her staff is amazing and informative. She always gives me plenty of time to discuss any issues and I would always come back. It was little cold in the exam room for me, but I am small so am usually cold. Other than that, I have no complaints."
June, 2018Rockwall, Tx
"I’ve had toenail fungus for years . I also have diabetes and apparently my immune system was weak at best. The fungus had started taking over my body. After my first visit the Dr prescribed a medication that has pretty much cleared it up. My nails are clearing up and I feel much better. Thank you Doc for fixing me up."
June, 2018Sachse
"The staff was professional and thorough."
June, 2018Rowlett
"I go for an annual examine to make certain their are no new changes or skin growth. The doctor does a very thorough examination."
June, 2018Royse City
"Overall, a very good experience!"
June, 2018Emory, Texas
"Great experience! Very pleased!"
June, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are AWESOME! Everyone is professional and friendly. The doctor takes time to answer questions and address concerns. I know I’m getting excellent care. Great experience every time!"
June, 2018Rowlett
"Great experience!!!"
June, 2018Rowlett
"I am very impressed with the medical care I have received."
May, 2018Brashear/Shirley
"Love going to Jessica she is kind, smart, and very helpful. I have recommended her to a lot of people and my general doctor!"
May, 2018Rockwall
"The staff are very nice and informative."
May, 2018Fate
"Great Service God Bless"
May, 2018Rowlett
"Dr Saucier in a previous visit did a very thorough exam and I got the results in less than a week. She prescribed medication and said my face should be clear by Friday 5/18/2017. My face had cleared up 99% and I have one more week of the medication... I am very, very pleased with the outcome of what Dr J Saucier has done and I highly recommend her as a dermatologist!!!"
May, 2018Rockwall Texas
"10 Stars I couldn't be happier to Jessica and her staff I am definitely going to be cooking for you in the near future lunch is on me by the way I am a chef!☺ I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of top notch personal care and attention I did not know that was still available in the medical world I simply could not be happier!"
May, 2018HEATH
"Nicole was very much an asset to my experience."
May, 2018Rockwall, TX
"Everyone was great and Dr. Saucier was very thorough. She explained everything in great detail where we could understand. I’ll definitely return to this office as well as recommend her!"
May, 2018Terrell
"Dr. Saucier is excellent, looked me in the eyes when answering my questions and gave very good explanations."
May, 2018Quinlan
"It was really nice getting email reminders of my appointment along with being able to fill out the new patient information online before my appointment. Since I am a Ops Manager of a primary care office I can greatly respect service excellence and the care provided to the patient. All of the staff was very nice. Dr. Saucier and her medical assistant was extremely attentive and informative. Overall it was a great experience."
May, 2018Union Valley, Texas
"I was pleased with the thoroughness of my exam and the professional way it was conducted."
May, 2018Rowlett, TX
"I always feel comfortable in Dr. Saucier's office. The staff is professional and friendly."
May, 2018Garland
"This was my first visit to this office and I thought it was nice. Dr. Saucier was very professional and was very nice. She made me feel at ease with the exam."
April, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is very kind and I feel very confident in her treatment/explanations."
April, 2018Sulphur Springs
"Very professional office, everyone was courteous and helpful. I left with new knowledge about my issues and a treatment plan. Everyone was helpful in answering my questions. This was a positive experience for me. Thank you"
April, 2018Rockwall
"This was my first appointment. I was taken immediately and no wait time. Doctor was extremely confident and answered all my questions and more. I was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise."
April, 2018Forney
"The team at rockderm is fantastic. "
April, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier and her assistant were amazing! They made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Saucier."
April, 2018Rockwall
"I was diagnosed years ago with psoriasis on my scalp by a dermatologist in San Antonio. A biopsy done by Dr. Saucier came back with a result of prurigo nodularis. Dr. Saucier did steroid injections in my scalp for prurigo nodularis a condition I’ve been dealing with for over 5 years. A week after the injections the 3 deep places are Gone, no more itching or burning, no more scratching .. this is Amazing ... I have been miserable for so long! I thank Dr. Saucier for suggesting this procedure & being so kind and understanding! I highly recommend Dr. Saucier and her efficient & kind staff!"
April, 2018Lavon
"It is a comfortable experience when I visit this office. It is efficient and friendly as well."
April, 2018Heath, TX
"Nicole is so awesome, she is very calm and thorough, making me feel confident that I am getting the very best care possible."
April, 2018Rockwall
"You guys are awesome! I recommend all of my friends and family to you."
April, 2018Royse City
"Always a pleasant experience with Dr. Saucier and her office! Efficient but yet thorough and caring. I wish more medical providers were like this."
April, 2018Rowlett
"Appears to be one of the most well run practices I have visited."
April, 2018Heath
"I had an awesome experience. Dr. Saucier was thorough in her examination and provided me with valuable information. She was pro-active in her approach, which I appreciate. I am pleased I finally have a dermatologist who cares about my skin health."
April, 2018Sulphur Springs Texas
"Wonderful experience!! My appointment was at 9:30 and didn’t get to be seen until 10:05 but it didn’t even bother me because the staff and Dr were so friendly and thorough!"
April, 2018Rowlett
"I just love Dr. Saucier. She is so thorough and professional and caring."
April, 2018Quinlan address but live in Union Valley
"Liked the Doctor very much. Dr. Jessica Saucier."
April, 2018Sulphur Springs, Tx
"Nice office, nice staff, excellent care. Highly recommend!"
April, 2018Rockwall
"Competent, Professional, Friendly, Efficient - These are the terms that come to mind as I describe my visits to Dr. Saucier, and all associate staff. My “Strongly Agree” on all counts are honest/accurate."
April, 2018Rockwall
"very nice experience. She asked if there was anything else which I really appreciated."
April, 2018Rowlett
"This was my first visit and I am extremely impressed. My only regret is not knowing about this office sooner!"
April, 2018Rowlett
"Nicole was amazing! Super personable and made me feel comfortable. Answered every question and was very knowledgeable about the treatment I received! Will be back!"
April, 2018Royse City, Texas
"my visit was with Nicole, she is just a lovely person and very helpful and knowledgeable in her field"
April, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and staff are courteous and professional and very competent. We are very pleased with Dr. Saucier as a healthcare professional."
March, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier and her staff are very kind and compassionate. They make you feel more than just a name on a file. They treat you with with respect and dignity."
March, 2018Fate
"Extremely courteous staff. Health care provider excellent. Very thorough"
March, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is efficient, very knowledgeable and personable. I wish all my Doctors were like her."
March, 2018Caddo Mills Tx
"Everyone one was very professional and helpful."
March, 2018Nevada
"Everyone in the office is very efficient and friendly."
March, 2018Garland
"Doctor Saucier is very professional and wonderful person."
March, 2018Sunnyvale
"Dr. Saucier did a through examination and a great job. The best I have had previously. Thank you I’ll be back."
March, 2018DALLAS
"There is a definite coziness in the waiting room. The furnishings are comfortable and there is always some interesting and very pleasant music playing. Dr. Saucier's knowledge and expertise is nearly encyclopedic while one can readily sense that she finds her field of medical discipline enjoyable and endlessly fascinating. This sort of enthusiasm most assuredly inspires her staff, and thus the practice as a whole, which for me in particular, results in invariably positive experiences!"
March, 2018Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is very knowledge and always takes the time to address my concerns. She always makes sure I understand all of the treatment options that are available and helps me determine the best course of action. Definitely recommend her!"
March, 2018Rockwall
"My 15-year-old son was stressed about the rash on his back and neck. Dr. Saucier was excellent in describing what the rash was and exactly how to treat it. She went over the regimen with my son to make sure it was something he could do on his own. My son left the office feeling confident that the regimen prescribed by Dr. Saucier was going to be successful. Dr. Saucier is so good at what she does and her compassion for others is clear. That level of expertise and compassion is carried through to the staff as well. Can't recommend Dr. Saucier highly enough!"
March, 2018Fate, TX
"Very impressed with Dr. Saucier and staff! I would highly recommend them!"
March, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier was polite and patient with me (although I may have been somewhat grumpy) and I was fully satisfied when I left her office."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Deanna is extremely responsive. I wish all other health care providers had assistants as personable and concerned as she. I am extremely happy to have her on my care team."
February, 2018Heath
"Nicole is awesome!"
February, 2018Rowlett texas
"Was very satisfied with everybody. Glad to be in their care."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Everyone here is very professional, friendly, and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Saucier."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Had a great experience, staff and doctor very informative and helpful. Very efficient office had prescription that insurance was not going to cover approved with in 2 hours of my appointment. Look forward to returning."
February, 2018City of Quinlan on Lake Tawakoni
"Dr Saucier was very professional and answered all my questions. I had a small procedure completed in the office and it was completely painless. I highly recommend her office to anyone needing a dermatologist."
February, 2018Commerce
"I was put at ease immediately. Dr. Saucer is very professional, considerate, thorough, and made me feel comfortable. Will definitely return if ever needed. Thank you!"
February, 2018Duncanville
"Dr Saucier is the only Doctor I come to for my skin issues. I visited her twice when she was in Dallas and she is worth the extra drive now that she is in Rockwall."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Both Dr. Saucier and her assistant were extremely encouraging and helpful in assessing my condition. Additionally, they were thorough in explaining the implications of each treatment option and ensured my opinion was taken into consideration when setting up my treatment regimen."
February, 2018Heath
"I wish all my doctors visits were as wonderful an experience as this office."
February, 2018Rockwall
"We had a great experience with Dr. Saucier and so grateful Dr. Stark recommended her. She was professional and understanding. She listened to my daughter and was able to treat her without over-treating her, which is what we have experienced in the past with a different dermatologist."
February, 2018Rockwall
"I was very happy with the treatment I received from Dr. Saucier. She is very thorough and explains everything in detail. I was impressed with her bedside manner. I would highly recommend her."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Everyone in Dr Saucier’s office is always polite, courteous and personable."
February, 2018Terrell
"Nicole was very good. She explained everything and told me exactly what to expect she has a very calming manor about her."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is very thorough and compassionate Doctor. She takes time to answer your questions and gives you information that is easy to understand."
February, 2018Wylie
"A friend of mine recommended Dr. Saucier to me, and this was my second appointment. I was impressed with the efficiency and courtesy of the office staff, and Dr. Saucier saw me at the appointed time. I also appreciated Jazmine who introduced herself to me and explained her role. Dr. Saucier also introduced herself to me and shook my hand. Those are very impressive personal touches."
February, 2018Lavon
"Very pleased."
February, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier and her staff are very caring and helpful. I am happy to have them as my health care providers."
February, 2018MESQUITE
"Every concern and fear I had was answered & I ask a LOT of questions!"
February, 2018Royse City TX
"First opinion was very good !! Great experience !!! Everyone nice !!!!"
January, 2018Rockwall
"Thank you Dr Saucier for taking your time to listen and make some great recommendations for my psoriasis treatment plan. Excellent Dr. and look forward to getting better."
January, 2018Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is very thorough and takes time to answer questions and made me feel I was getting good care. I had been to my primary care Doctor earlier and was misdiagnosed. Dr Saucier addressed my condition immediately and started treating me for Vasculitis. She treated my husband in 2016 for same condition and he is fully recovered. I am glad I Now know what I have and getting right treatment. Thank you Dr Saucier."
January, 2018Rowlett, TX
"I arrived early for my appointment because I just never know with traffic and they saw me early! That never really happens. What a great group of people."
January, 2018Rockwall
"I was very pleased with the experience for my first photo facial. Nicole answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable."
January, 2018Forney, TX
"Awesome provider and staff"
January, 2018Terrell, TX
"Very accommodating to my needs. The treatment gave me great relief. I'm very grateful. Thanks again!"
January, 2018Royse City
"This was my first visit so I was a little nervous. The Dr. and staff quickly put me at ease. Very professional and prompt."
January, 2018Forney, Tx
"My experience here was great. I had seen a previous dermatologist and felt he was rude and arrogant but not here. I felt at ease with Dr. Saucier and felt like she addressed all my concerns and questions."
January, 2018Sunnyvale
"Dr. Saucier is a big 10!!!!"
January, 2018Forney
"Found out a lot about my skin !"
January, 2018Rockwall
"I really appreciate the time Dr. Saucier spends with her patients. She will take the time to answer all your questions. The PA will transcript what was discussed and provide the patient with a written document that one may refer to after the visit and review after some time has passed."
January, 2018Forney
"My appointment went very well and I appreciated Dr Saucier's understanding of practical health care in offering options in over the counter meds vs only prescription to address my problems in an affordable way."
January, 2018Scurry Texas
"Excellent group of folks from front office to the doc..It's a 45 minute drive for me but it is well worth it given the professionalism of everyone involved."
January, 2018Rockwall
"The Rockwall Dermatology staff was professional, friendly and prompt. I would recommend them to my friends."
January, 2018Rockwall
"I appreciate the prompt, professional, knowledgeable and excellent service every time I visit the doctor. Thank you."
January, 2018Rockwall
"Another great visit, I can recommend Dr. Saucier highly, very knowledgeable and answers all our questions in a way that we can understand."
January, 2018Rockwall
"Very professional and top notch. Dr Saucier was knowledgeable and gave options of treatment. Happy I got to meet her again but on a more professional environment. Great credentials and Dr and staff were Impressive. Thank you. My 1st ever visit to a dermatologist too!!"
January, 2018Royse City
"Doctor and staff very professional and kind!"
December, 2017Rockwall
"I have used Rockwall Dermatologist for 3 years now , always meet my needs and expectations . Dr.Saucier is always pleasant and answers all my questions."
December, 2017Rowlett
December, 2017Kaufman
"Very nice facility and staff was great to work with"
December, 2017Rockwall
"Thank you for squeezing me in the day after my procedure to change the bandage for me . . . Dr. Saucier and her staff are awesome!"
December, 2017Terrell
"Dr. Saucier and Jodie were very helpful with the education, and spent an appropriate amount of time with me. I didn't feel rushed, and the other office staff were very pleasant. I would recommend this office to family & friends."
December, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is an exceptional physician with a top-notch staff. I greatly appreciate her concern for each patient; she makes me feel like a PERSON, not just a patient."
December, 2017Lavon
"Everyone at your office is great. I have had a number of procedures in the office and in Dallas and all went well."
November, 2017Rockwall
"I feel very comfortable coming to Dr Saucier. She is very professional and knowledgeable about different types of skin issues. I would recommend her to family and friends. Her associate Deanne was very courteous and helpful during my visit."
November, 2017Rockwall
"Always a pleasure to visit Rockwall Dermatology."
November, 2017Rockwall
"Great place with very caring staff and doctors."
November, 2017Rowlett, Texas
"I was nervous about my appointment but from start to finish the process was made a lot easier because of the very efficient way Dr. Saucier and her staff handled everything (in particular Jazmin who explained everything). "
November, 2017Terrell
"Wonderful well trained staff."
November, 2017Royse City
"I was made to feel at ease by all who helped me..."
November, 2017Campbell, Tx
"Dr. Saucier and staff are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and so pleasant. We love this office!"
November, 2017Rowlett
"Great staff and Dr Saucier was very informative. Thank you"
November, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her assistant Jody were very knowledgeable and thorough but also very kind. They seem to take a sincere interest in my healthcare. And even remember my birthday each year! How sweet is that! Warm regards -"
November, 2017Rockwall
"Top service provider in the Dallas area."
November, 2017Rockwall
"Excellent experience"
November, 2017Rockwall
"Doctor and staff were fantastic. Great experience."
November, 2017Rockwall
"Every staff member was very polite and helpful! The office had a very relaxing atmosphere."
November, 2017Garland
"Great visit"
November, 2017Nevada, Texas
"Everyone is always very friendly and professional."
November, 2017Rockwall
"A great BIG Thank You!"
October, 2017Quinlan
"Outstanding staff. Awesome dr. Would recommend to anyone that needs a dermatoligist.redults were back fast .A follow up with another dr. Was even faster."
October, 2017Commerce
"Absolutely LOVE Nicole!"
October, 2017Royse City
"The best dermatological experience I've ever had. Thank you so much."
October, 2017Heartland, Tx.
"I love that my skin is finally looking good after many years of dealing with acne."
October, 2017Royse City
"Everyone I encountered was exceptional."
October, 2017Rockwall
"Very attentive care. Appreciated everyone at Rockwall Dermatology!"
October, 2017Emory, Texas
"I was very pleased with my visit. Everyone was genuinely concerned with my problems. Also everyone I came in contact with was very professional, yet friendly and polite! I would highly recommend to friends and family!!!"
October, 2017Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is wonderful..she listens to all my questions and explains things in terms I can understand. Her assistants and office staff are so nice and helpful!"
October, 2017Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is always so nice and patient as she listens to my questions and concerns, as is Jody her medical assistant. I always feel like I can ask any question and get a medical but simple explanation and I just enjoy how comfortable and confident I feel being in their care. The office staff is always so pleasant and welcoming, too. I would highly recommend Dr. Saucier To anyone needing dermatology services."
October, 2017Rockwall
"The entire team was energetic and great very efficient. Rockwall needs great new businesses as Rockwall Dermatology and we wish Dr Saucier the best of luck in her new enterprise."
October, 2017Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is a superb doctor and always provides a thorough and easy to understand prognosis. There's never a rush during a visit and her staff is always friendly and helpful. All four of our family members are patients and I highly recommend Dr Saucier to anyone needing dermatology services!"
September, 2017Greenville
"I went to Rockwall Dermatology for acne. I was taken straight back to a room and only had to wait 5 mins before Dr. Saucier came in. Even though I was having a good day and my face wasn’t as broken out as it had been recently, she didn’t disregard or question the validity of my problem. She listened and empathized with me, explained the causes and treatment thoroughly, and asked if I had any questions or other problems I wanted her to address. Dr. Saucier is very personable, but she does talk fast. If I wasn’t medically inclined I probably would have got lost during her explanation. All her staff was competent, friendly, and helpful, too. It was a very pleasant experience and I was in and out of there in less than 30 mins."
September, 2017Sulphur Springs
"This office is highly recommended. Everyone is helpful and positive."
September, 2017Forney
"great people. make sure patient understands everything and gives great instructions for follow up so no questions about what and how to take care of wound or issues for which perscriptions were given"
September, 2017Rockwall
"I really like and trust Dr. Saucier. I also think Holly is great as is Jasmin. Very personable and courteous"
September, 2017Mesquite
"I felt like Dr. J actually cared about me as a person and truly wanted to help me. I didn't feel that way with the last dermatologist I saw. He was only concerned about getting money in his pockets."
September, 2017Mesquite
"Wonderful practice. Everyone on staff is very personable and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this practice."
September, 2017Heath
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are always there to serve her patients in the most efficient and helpful manner at any time needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a dermatologist."
September, 2017Royse City
"great dr."
September, 2017Sulphur Springs
"Great service"
September, 2017Seagoville Texas
"Amazing service I would recommend Rockwall Dermatology to everyone. I love how polite and humble Dr. Saucier is. Incredible clinic."
September, 2017Rockwall
"This is our third visit to the office. great place with a great staff."
September, 2017Heath, TX
"Nicole, the newest addition to your team, was fantastic! I highly recommend her facial and appreciate the gentle care she took on my face and my hands."
September, 2017Royse City
"Everyone at Rockwall Dermatology has been so wonderful."
September, 2017Rowlett
"I really enjoyed my visit. Great information. Understood why I have the symptoms I do and how to clear it up. My wife and neighbors are planning to set up an appointment for themselves."
September, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier was excellent. She gave me a thorough evaluation and spent the time to discuss my treatment plan in detail and address any concerns I might have regarding treatment. Both Dr. Saucier and the nurse were excellent. I left feeling confident with my treatment plan and the results expected! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Saucier to anyone looking for a top-notch dermatologist!"
September, 2017ROWLETT TX
September, 2017Fate, Texas
"Very pleased with this doctor and her staff"
August, 2017Forney
"Appreciated the lack of waiting around time and the attention to detail in making sure I have all the info I need to carry out the treatments prescribed as well as info to help me understand what was seen and what was important for now and down the road."
August, 2017Lavon, Texas
"Always friendly and very professional. I never feel rushed."
August, 2017Poetry, Tx
"I had the best experience at Rockwall Dermatology! I have never been to a dermatologist even though my dad died of melanoma. I arrived 5 minutes before my appointment time and was checked by a young lady who was friendly and warm. (I apologize for not getting her name, but she was lovely). She took my paperwork and made sure I was in the system and all was correct. I sat for about 90 seconds before being called into the exam room. Jodi was a doll! She visited with me and outlined what we were going to do when I saw the doctor. I changed into my gown and the doctor came in right waiting and worrying! Dr. Saucier was very professional yet comforting and friendly. I was mostly concerned about a black spot under my toenail. When it turned out to be nothing (Thank the Lord!) she didn't make me feel dumb, but reassured me that I was right to come in and be checked out especially with my family history. She inspected all of me for problems and told me what to watch for and how to protect myself. She even gave me an A+ for skin care! After she visited with me she asked if I had any questions. I didn't and I thanked her. Jodi then went over information and showed me pictures of skin problems and explained everything in detail. She gave me a paper report of what Dr. Saucier had looked at and her instructions. I was checked out by a friendly patient services specialist, Chelsea. I told her I got an A+ from the doctor and she was very proud for me! She told me she would send a notice out in 11 months for me to schedule my yearly check up. All in all I was very impressed with the staff and Dr. Saucier and how well they worked together. What matters to me most about visiting a doctor is that when I leave, do I feel confident and relieved that all my questions were answered, was there compassion for my feelings and do I feel like I was respected and appreciated as a patient. Well, I can assure you that there was a smile on my face and a spring in my step when I left Rockwall Dermatology. What a great experience!!"
August, 2017Rockwall
"Nice Friendly Staff. Very Helpful and Courteous. Dr. Saucier is knowledgeable and friendly (and quite attractive). She listened to our concerns and helped us with finding an excellent treatment regimen. "
August, 2017Carrollton
"Assistant was very knowledgeable and informative. Doctor was amazing. I have recommended her to everyone I know."
August, 2017Greenville
"Excellent!!! Staff is kind and knowledgeable. Doctor is always attentive and extremely knowledgeable. Love this place!! My daughter always is taken care of."
August, 2017Rockwall
"The staff and physician were very professional and courteous!"
August, 2017Quinlan
"My visit was very pleasant. I was very happy with my Doctor and how everything went"
August, 2017Rockwall
"Thank you for being so helpful and patient while we came up with a treatment for my skin problem."
August, 2017Corsicana
"My husband, John's appt. was with Dr. Saucier. John had been a patient of hers when she was in Dallas. Even though Rockwell is farther, he chose to see her again. He was not disappointed. The office staff was very helpful, professional and courteous . We will be back as needed."
August, 2017Mesquite
"Dr Saucier and her nurse were very helpful with my questions and the procedures went quickly and efficiently"
August, 2017Rockwall
"Very comfortable feeling while with all attending staff."
August, 2017Wills Point
"I love this office of doctors, assistants, the girls behind the counter. They are so personable and polite. You never wait long at all, the doctor spends whatever time is needed with me (I am not a very good patient-but they are never negative towards me). Dr Saucier is patient and so calm."
August, 2017Campbell, Tx.
"Dr. Saucier and staff are courteous, respectful, gentle, and definitely are trained professionals. Our visit was well worth the drive from Campbell, Tx. We are so thankful to have found a dermatologist who is of such high caliber."
August, 2017Garland
"Was able to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time."
August, 2017Heartland
"I'm so glad I was able to find Dr. Saucier after relocating to the Rockwall area. She does an excellent job of explaining potential healthcare issues and my options to me. The facilities are first class and the staff is well trained and friendly."
August, 2017Wolfe City
"Love the atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, courteous and professional. Always enjoy coming here."
August, 2017Rowlett Texas
"This has been one of the most pleasant medical visits I have ever had. They listened and they answered all my concerns and explained everything. I am very pleased."
August, 2017Rockwall
"I was well satisfied with my visit.r"
August, 2017Garland
"Love these ladies. They make me feel comfortable & at ease."
August, 2017Royse City
"Great staff, office is very nice and Dr Saucier was very informative in helping me, making me feel confident knowing I didn't have any problems with my issues. The assistants we're very knowledgeable, overall a wonderful visit!"
July, 2017Terrell
"The staff is extremely courteous and nice. I didn't have to wait forever once I checked in. This is a huge plus to me because some Dr's forget that my time is just as valuable as their's. Love the online portal to fill out all the new patient forms prior to my appointment. Again, a time saver."
July, 2017Rockwall , TX
"Well trained and prepared staff. Clean and well-appointed office. Dr. Saucier is an excellent diagnostician"
July, 2017Heath
"I appreciate the fact that the doctor saw me on such short notice and immediately diagnosed my problem although she wanted to do further testing to confirm, which she did, and as soon as the results were back she herself called me after hours with the results, She is truly a doctor who cares for her patients and will strive to find the root of the problem and correct it."
July, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Jessica and Jasmin were great. Very easy to work with."
July, 2017Garland, Texas
"When you are being treated for an illness or a condition, positive attitude builds confidence in the patient to doctor relationship based on communications, and everyone at Rockwall Dermatology provides that confidence."
July, 2017Rockwall
"Rockwall is very fortunate to have Dr. Saucier's practice here. She is very kind, and has an excellent staff. I recommend her 100% plus!"
July, 2017Rockwall
"I appreciated the accurate diagnosis, timely manner in which I was seen and also the staff were friendly and took time to explain and answer my questions. I have already recommended Dr. Saucier to a friend."
July, 2017Rockwall
"I arrived early for my appointment expecting to wait awhile. But,they saw me right away. My experience with this office is the best I have ever experienced"
July, 2017Forney
"My visit to your office was very pleasant. The office staff are all knowledgeable and courteous. I will definitely return and will also refer family and friends to your facility. Thank you!"
July, 2017Sulphur Springs
"Great experience. Plan on returning!"
July, 2017Farmersville
"Very pleasant experience. Very professional staff"
July, 2017Rockwall
"You guys are awesome!!"
July, 2017Crandall
"Dr. Saucier and Jodi were both professional, friendly and thorough. They took their time to explain everything. I will definitely be back and recommend them to others."
July, 2017Rowlett
"I find the doctor to be well educated with great bedside manner. She has always made me feel comfortable as well as he staff. Thank you for your hard work and caring for other."
July, 2017Mesquite, TX.
"Excellent service, the staff was excellent, Dr. Saucer was excellent. I will definitely come back."
July, 2017Dallas County outside Wylie city limits
"I tried to make an appointment with a dermatologist that I had seen in the past. My choice was to see the physician's assistant or wait 6 weeks to see the doctor. I felt pressured to use the PA. I was pleased that Dr. Saucer took the time to see me herself. She made me feel respected and cared about. I will use her as needed in the future and will recommend her to family and friends."
July, 2017Rockwall
"This was my first visit w/ Dr. Saucier. I had been going to another dermatologist for several years and am thrilled to have made the change. Dr. Saucier's entire practice was top-notch."
July, 2017Heath
"I was sent over as an emergency and I appreciate the fact that they saw me on such short notice. The doctor was immediately able to diagnose my problem and advised me that she would communicate with my other doctor regarding my treatment. I felt very comfortable knowing I was in good hands."
July, 2017Rockwall,TX
"Great Dr. and staff"
July, 2017Rowlett, TX.
"I found the staff to be very professional. The doctor explained what my problem was and how it would be treated. I was very pleased with the doctor and the medical staff."
July, 2017Rowlett
"The visit was very pleasant and the skin condition was thoroughly explained with ease of understanding. Thank you."
July, 2017Rockwall, TX
"Very pleased with Dr. Saucier. She took care of all my questions."
July, 2017Scurry
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are top notch. Very nice office with friendly staff. This was the best experience I have ever seen in a doctors office and Dr. Saucier explained everything in detail about my problem and the treatment I was going to receive and she printed everything out that we discussed during my visit. I was very impressed with her and the staff."
June, 2017Kaufman
"I was impressed with the time the Doctor spent with the initial examination. Treatment plan was thoroughly explained. Very comfortable with the overall experience."
June, 2017Fate, TX
"Great and prompt service, nice office, conveniently located."
June, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is very down to earth and immediately puts patients at ease with her friendly demeanor and competent advice. She listens to my concerns and addresses them respectfully. She's extremely knowledgeable but explains the medical lingo in a way patients can understand. I know if I ever have any skin issues, Dr. Saucier will take care of them!"
June, 2017Heath
"The doctor and the staff were very cordial and efficient. My total experience was very positive."
June, 2017Heath, Texas
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are exceptionally professional and thorough. We were treated with dignity and respect from check-in, prior to the exam, during the exam, through check-out. We will definitely refer Dr. Saucier to our friends and family."
June, 2017Royse City
"My mother and I are extremely satisfied with the service and attention we received at Rockwall Dermatology. Everything is explained in detail and they make you feel welcome. I definitely recommend everyone to come here."
June, 2017Rockwall, Texas
"The office and service was the best I've been to in the Dallas area."
June, 2017Rockwall
"My fears were put to rest! I have a much better understanding of skin cancer and of what to look for."
June, 2017Rowlett
"Love the Doc!!! Fabulous"
June, 2017Celeste, Texas
"They were accommodating to my needs and listened to my concerns. I would recommend Rockwall Dermatology."
June, 2017Rockwall
"Love Dr Saucier!"
June, 2017Heath
"This is the best Derm appointment and system that I have experienced. The next day was my birthday and I received a birthday call as a surprise. The offer of GoodRX drug savings was a plus. Perfect follow up!"
June, 2017Heath TX
"My treatment is going better than expected and I couldn't be happier!"
June, 2017Mesquite
"This was my first visit and I found the experience to satisfying and informative. The staff is courteous and the doctor was thorough in her exam and explanation of results."
June, 2017Lavon, Texas
"This first visit was great. As a patient I could not ask for anything better."
June, 2017Rockwall
"I have seen many Dermatologists in the past and Dr. Saucier is by far the best in diagnosing and treating my conditions"
June, 2017Caddo Mills
"Dr Saucier is very attentive. Willing to listen to you and answer questions. She had a very gentle and compassionate spirit."
June, 2017Heath
"Dr Jessica is awesome she treats her patients like family and advice her patients with what's best work for each one"
June, 2017Rockwall, Texas
"I was nervous about a condition I had with my skin. During my visit, the physician and staff were very informative and took time to answer all of my concerns, and provide me with a specific plan of treatment to move forward. It was very reassuring to know that I have addressed the issue, and I can once again relax and enjoy my outdoor life."
June, 2017Rockwall
"Everything was amazing. In the past, I have seen the PA at a local dermatologists office. It was always frustrating to NEVER see the doctor. They run the patients in and out like hearing cattle. Jessica was the one seeing the patients and performing the procedures. That makes a huge difference for me!"
May, 2017Royse City
"Dr. Saucier is the only doctor in over 15 years to cure the problem with my skin. This is purely because she is up to date on current drug therapies, and is progressive in her thinking, yet conservative when needed. Also, the staff at this office is the absolute most polite and able staff of any medical office I have ever been to."
May, 2017Royse City
"I am 56 years old and this was the first time I've ever needed a dermatologist. Dr. Saucier came highly recommended by family members. She and Jasmine were both very friendly and helpful. Dr. Saucier gave me a good explanation of the condition and treatment options. I will be making a second appointment for that treatment. My visit was a positive experience and I'm pleased with Dr. Saucier and her staff."
May, 2017Fate tx
"MA was great and appreciated the thorough exam by the physician"
May, 2017Heath
"Doc J. is extremely knowledgeable and communicates in great detail the condition and treatment."
May, 2017Rockwall
"My wife and I are extremely pleased with our visits to Rockwall Dermatology. The facilities are very clean and well designed. Every member of the staff is very professional and personable. Dr. Saucier is outstanding in all areas of her field. She is very thorough and pleasant, taking time to explain all the pertinent information regarding your condition. The recommended treatment was very effective. Rockwall Dermatology is a "five-star" facility that I highly recommend to all."
May, 2017Quinlan
"Great appointment "
May, 2017Waco
"Very professional. Dr saucier instilled confidence with demeanor and professionalism"
May, 2017Rockwall
"We chose Dr Saucier based on a recommendation from Dr Stark, (and friends see her as well) and she was great. She treated my daughter with respect and explained everything to her clearly. She was very well informed on what would be the best course of treatment for such young skin (and what would not) and put her on a great skin regimen. My daughter was very excited (and feeling very grown up) using her new products last night. Much enjoyed meeting the staff at Rockwall Derm. (And happy to find someone in Rockwall that I like!) Will definitely be bringing her back to see Dr Saucier."
May, 2017Rockwall
"One of the best Dr. office visits I have ever had. Everyone from the front office to the clinic staff and Dr were very professional. Wait times were very very minimal. Staff made sure I understood everything that I was told. I am extremely pleased with them"
May, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is very nice and takes time to answer questions."
May, 2017Rockwall
"Everyone was polite and, front desk were awesome"
May, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are always a delight to work with, very thorough and professional. I feel that they have my health and well being as their highest concern."
May, 2017Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier is very action oriented."
May, 2017Rockwall
"Outstanding in every way!"
May, 2017Royse City
"Very happy with the service provided."
April, 2017Rockwall
"Well pleased with all aspects of the office visit."
April, 2017Lavon
"Very professional and friendly. Very comfortable with visit and procedure on a issue on forehead."
April, 2017Rowlett
"Dr Saucier and her staff are so courteous and helpful and I will definitely be returning to see her in approximately one year. Dr Saucier is so knowledgeable and so are the staff members. I am very happy with the services."
April, 2017Rockwall
"I was thoroughly impressed with Dr.Saucier and the time she spent talking to my son and me. She was really down to earth and friendly. Jodi was also a big help and extremely friendly! We had a wonderful first visit to Rockwall Dermatology!!"
April, 2017Royse City
"I had a cyst cut off of my scalp without any pain and I love the high tech IPads that you check in with The exam rooms are hospital clean and very nice looking"
April, 2017Mesquite
"I recommended you to my dental hygenist! The Assistant to Dr. Saucier went out of her way to help me get a prescription at a reduced price that was not covered by my insurance. She searched on internet and found a discount coupon!! Exceptional care!"
April, 2017Rockwall
"The office and staff are so nice and helpful. The dr is very knowledgeable and kind. She explained our options and showed concern."
April, 2017Union Valley, TX
"I am so happy to have found a dermatologist that I can trust. Dr. Saucier is very knowledgeable and personable."
April, 2017Mesquite
"Great customer Service!!!"
April, 2017Quinlan
"Dr Saucier was great! Very thorough and took the extra time to answer my questions and address my concerns."
April, 2017Dallas
"Dr. Saucier is extremely knowledgeable and very good at explaining things in terms that are easy to understand. Her medical assistant was competent and friendly. A very encouraging visit overall. Thank you!"
April, 2017Commerce, Texas
"I was very pleased with the thoroughness of my exam and treatment and would gladly recommend your practice to my friends."
April, 2017McLendon-Chisholm, Tx
"The doctor was sincerely professional and very informative."
April, 2017Rockwall
"Everything and every one are exceptional at this office ! Wish I had found this place sooner! Very professional, and comfortable. Thank you"
April, 2017The Colony
"This was my first visit. I thought the Dr. spend the appropriate amount of time with me and explained everything very well. I appreciated her detail and the time she spent with me."
April, 2017Rowlett
"The most courteous and friendly staff a patient could have."
March, 2017Rockwall, Texas
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are wonderful. They are the reason my husband and I will continue to go back for additional services. I highly recommend them."
March, 2017Rockwall
"The staff was exceptionally helpful and informative. In this day of high volume and overly efficient care it was nice to be treated by a doctor and staff who devoted extra time and attention to me as a patient."
March, 2017Royse City
"Clean environment. Courteous, professional and very understanding healthcare providers, admin, and staff. Prompt and Respectful medical service."
March, 2017Royse City
"Dr. Saucier has a fabulous "bed side manner". She looks you in the eyes and shakes your hand the minute she walks in the door. Never have I felt rushed during an appointment. Dr. Saucier gives you several options if the condition calls for it. The Dr. is patient, kind and professional. She makes you feel like you're the only patient there. Dr. Saucier speaks quietly, explains your problem in "layman' terms" and gives you ample time to decide which course of treatment you choose, even if it means making an additional appointment to decide your course of treatment. Dr. Saucier is gentle with you during a procedure and explains every step as she is doing the procedure. Fabulous one of a kind doctor. They are few and far between nowadays."
March, 2017Nevada
"I have already recommended you. Everyone was exceptionally professional and made me feel very comfortable."
March, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier was professional, kind, and competent. Her facility is clean and well-run. I have already recommended her to 2 people."
March, 2017Royse City
"Great service and everyone was very knowledgeable and polite."
March, 2017Lone Oak, TX (an hour East of you)
"The best dermatology visit, and one of the best doctor visits I've ever had. The nurse and doctor were both very efficient - they had quick descriptive answers to all questions and concerns, without giving me the sense that they were trying to rush me out. They seemed knowledgeable and were also polite and friendly. Thanks. I've already recommended my coworkers to visit your office, and I will be back again."
March, 2017Rockwall
"The entire staff was friendly and professional. My wait time was short and I wasn't taken from the waiting room just to wait some more somewhere else. Dr Saucier was quick, efficient, and very knowledgeable . Overall, the visit was a pleasant success."
March, 2017Lone Oak
"This was the most efficient, pleasant doctor visit we've had in years."
March, 2017Rockwall
"This was my second time to visit Dr. Saucier. She is personable, polite and very thorough. She explains everything before starting a procedure. The office staff are also very polite and helpful. They are always willing to answer your questions and provide meaningful explanations. I am very impressed with everyone associated with Rockwall Dermatology."
March, 2017Heath
"Personable, thorough staff and physician"
March, 2017Garland
"Dr Saucier was knowledgeable and spent quite a while explaining my conditions patiently."
March, 2017Fate
"I was so impressed that I called my doctor (Robert Sparks) to tell him how great you all were. His staff had not met Dr. Saucier ad they were very glad to hear about how professional, courteous, timely and helpful you all were. My skin looks great. Every question was answered and the exa was the most thorough I have ever had. Great job ladies. I'll see you next time I have a problem."
March, 2017Ennis
"Dr. Saucier and staff make me feel right at home! She has taken great care of 3 generations of my family!"
March, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier really cares for and about her patients!!"
March, 2017Heath
"Dr. Saucier is very patient and attentive. I feel that she listens to my concerns, even if they are silly. :) She makes me feel comfortable and I appreciate how she gives options to the problem, not just slap a prescription in my hand and send me on my way. The Staff has always been friendly and helpful. One of the best run Clinics I have ever been in."
March, 2017Rockwall
"I am so happy to have found a great dermatologist office close to home. Dr. Saucier and her staff are all so great and always very helpful with any questions I've ever had."
March, 2017Scurry
"I didn't see the Dr. Saucier this visit I just saw Dayna for a hydro facial and I loved it ! Dayna was very professional and knowledgeable about the procedure and did a great job ! Can't wait for my next appointment!"
March, 2017Rowlett, Texas
"Everyone was so kind and sweet. Everyone was so glad to help and to answer any questions I had. Great people."
March, 2017Rockwall
"Very pleased"
March, 2017Royse City
"The staff was very friendly and welcoming!"
February, 2017Terrell
"Dr. Saucier and her staff were excellent. They made it so easy to prepare for the appointment and the visit was very friendly and at the same time professional. Dr. Saucier and her assistant were thorough and took all the time needed for the exam and to answer any questions. I have already referred a patient to Dr. Saucier."
February, 2017Wylie, Texas
"I had been referred to Dr. Saucier's practice by a friend, and I was very impressed with her professionalism and understanding of my concerns. I also thought that the medical assistant, Diana, who took my information and explained again some medical information to me was helpful and professional."
February, 2017Rowlett, TX
"I was very pleased with the attention and medical advice given by Dr. Jessica Saucier. She was very pleasant and took time to answer all of my questions and concerns."
February, 2017Rockwall
"Everyone was courteous and very professional. I was very satisfied with the treatment, knowledge, and proficiency of Dr. Saucier and her office and medical staff."
February, 2017Sulphur Springs
"The people at Rockwall Dermatology are very friendly, professional and do a great job."
February, 2017Rowlett
"I was very pleased with the service I received from Rockwall Dermatology and Dr. Saucier and the entire staff. I could not ask for better service."
February, 2017Heath, TX
"Dr Saucier and her assistant were super. Very personable, courteous and easy to talk to. Dr Saucier was very informative, responded to questions in a very forthright and easy to understand manner. Will go back without hesitation as required."
February, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff were very friendly and helpful and easy going. I felt very comfortable talking with them and they answered all of my questions. I will definitely be returning and recommending Rockwall Dermatology!!"
February, 2017Fate
"Dr. Foote's office scheduled this appt for me so I did not make the appt myself. I was very nervous about my appt but Jasmine & Dr. Saucier were wonderful, informative & personable."
February, 2017Fate
"I feel very confident with Dr. Saucier and the Rockwall Dermatology staff."
February, 2017
"I went in worried and came out relieved."
February, 2017Rockwall
"Based on my 30+ years dealing with health care providers has educated me on how to find well trained doctors. Dr. Saucier is well trained and takes the time to listen and explain conditions. I highly recommend her."
February, 2017Rockwall
"I felt comfortable and well taken care of when I was there. "
January, 2017Rockwall
"The whole experience was extremely pleasant. Looking forward to next appointment."
January, 2017Heath
"My third time to visit Dr. S. She and her office team are the! Every time I visit, I receive top-notch service and care. Dr. S did a lip enhancement and some wrinkle filling for me last time. Two words . . . NAILED IT! I will definitely be returning!"
January, 2017Rockwall
"Everyone is so friendly, Dr. Saucier is wonderful! Checked in and checked out in a timely manner. Highly recommende Rockwall dermatology."
January, 2017Garland
"Complete confidence!"
January, 2017Mesquite tx.
"Dr. is the best!"
January, 2017Royse City
"The office is very nice . The doctor is very capable and well versed it seems with my condition. She is extremely considerate of my frustration with my problem and listens to my concerns. What I treasure the most is we are working on my medical condition together. "
January, 2017Rockwall
"The Dr was great"
January, 2017Terrell
"Thank you!"
January, 2017Carrollton
"Rockwall Dermatology provides top notch service every step of the way in my dermatological care."
January, 2017Tyler
"I had such a positive visit! :) All went well with the procedure I had. Very pleased!! Can't wait to come back in 2 weeks!! Dr. Saucier and Dayna are just Awesome!!!"
January, 2017Rockwall
"Excellent care."
January, 2017Rockwall
"I was very impressed with the ease that I was able to make an appointment. The staffed was very informed & courteous and I was seen & treated by the physician within an exceptional amount of time."
January, 2017Rockwall
"The entire experience was excellent and I was very pleased with it all. It was my first visit to see Dr. Saucier and I had no idea what to expect, but I was very impressed from the moment I spoke with the window clerk. Thanks so much for making it so easy for me."
January, 2017Rockwall
"Always receive excellent care from caring people."
January, 2017Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is excellent."
January, 2017Rockwall
"Very happy with visit."
December, 2016Josephine
"Everyone is upbeat and happy to help you, they seem to like what they do, great place."
December, 2016Rockwall
"I have been to many dermatologists and Dr. Saucier and the entire staff was incredible. So very helpful right from the start."
December, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is the best."
December, 2016Rowlett
"Very pleased with all aspects of the visit."
December, 2016Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is the smartest and best dermatologist I have ever been to. I have been seeking help for my condition for 25 YEARS. And she diagnosed and offered help and instruction immediately. She is amazing!!"
December, 2016Forney
"I typically travel into Dallas for my medical appointments, but your office came highly recommended through a mutual acquaintance. I was very impressed with the Dr & her staff. I have since recommended your team to others. Thank you!"
December, 2016Rockwall
"Good visit, better than my other dermatologist"
December, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is excellent at explaining any question in detail so that there are no surprises during the procedure(s) and through recovery. Her and her staff are very knowledgeable and courteous."
December, 2016Rockwall
"Dr Jessica was very professional and answered all my questions where I could understand the procedures I received."
December, 2016Rockwall
"I love Rockwall dermatology and refer all my family and clients here. You won't be disappointed! 😃"
December, 2016Heath, Texas
"Always a nice experience."
December, 2016Rockwall
"I highly recommended everyone to go here!"
December, 2016Heath, Texas
"Friendly people. Very informative about my issue."
December, 2016Heath
"Dr. S is an artist. She takes her time and has a keen and unerring eye. I would trust her with any procedure and would highly recommend her to anyone!"
December, 2016Burkburnett
"3 hour drive each way is definitely worth it!"
November, 2016Kaufman
"Very nice and pleasant atmosphere as well as courteous and helpful staff. My visit was very informational and the doctor explained things to my understanding. I was in & out very quickly. Great experience overall!"
November, 2016Rockwall
"This was my first experience with cosmetic procedures and I was so happy I chose Rockwall Dermatology. Dr. Saucier and her staff were wonderful! I will definitely sing their praises!"
November, 2016Kaufman
"I appreciated Dr. Saucier's attention to my present and recent past issues and her thorough exam. She was the kind of doctor that I was hoping for!"
November, 2016Rowlett TX
"Just recommended Rockwall Dermatology to a good friend. My wife & I both use the company. Great people."
November, 2016Rockwall
"I had two basal cell carcinoma's. One required surgery. Dr. Saucier and her staff are awesome. Will go back once a year for exam."
November, 2016Rowlett
"Waiting room was real pleasant, front desk staff & all staff & Doctor were just super, I'm so thankful to have you all & now be an established patient, thanks for every kindness."
November, 2016Garland, Texas work in Rockwall
"Very pleased with this visit"
November, 2016Rockwall
"I always have a pleasant experience and I really like Dr. Saucier."
November, 2016Heath,TX
"Excellent care by a staff and doctor who know what they are doing, do it well, and leave you feeling your health care is their primary concern."
November, 2016Fate
"Very pleased with the entire process. Staff were courteous and professional. Doctor was wonderful - clear explanations, thorough exam, valuable guidance."
October, 2016Dallas, Texas
"Dr Jessica Saucier MD is a very professional Dr, she listened to me very intently and made me feel very comfortable. She examined me thoroughly and explained my condition, in a way that I was able to understand. I highly recommend Dr Saucier. I definitely will revisit her office any time needed."
October, 2016Celeste
"I had been to a local Dermotologist twice and my face dramatically worsened. I was very upset and from the very beginning of meeting with Dr. Saucier, I knew she would help me. She showed compassion and great concern for my healing. She explained my diagnosis and gave me confidence in the process of healing. Dr. Saucier is my hero! I will forever recommend her to anyone that needs a fabulous Doctor! I thank her for giving me my life back!"
October, 2016Forney Texas
"My husband and I bought a new house and were looking for a Dermatologist in the area. Thanks to Dr. Saucier for the expert healthcare. We left her office impressed by the professional appearance, location and friendly staff. See you next time."
October, 2016Heath
"A+ all the way, I was crazy poisoned ivy patient that had no appointment, Dr.Saucier took me in ASAP . And took time to explain and help me. Not many dr.s do that anymore. Great experience, thank you thank you!!!"
October, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are as good as it gets!"
October, 2016Lavon
"thank you for the great care and concern. i will return and refer"
October, 2016Rockwall, County
"I have already recommended Rockwall Dermatology to others and have transferred from my other Doctor."
October, 2016Heath, Texas
"Dr. Saucier and staff are very professional and courteous. Couldn't ask for a better dermatologist than Dr. Saucier! I followed her to Rockwall from Dallas, so glad she is much closer now to my home!"
October, 2016Rockwall
"Love the Doctor and the whole experience."
October, 2016Campbell
"I am so glad that I finally found someone to help me with my skin problem and who is quick to exam and treat my concerns. It is also refrreshing to find someone who genuinely cares and responds promptly to my emails."
October, 2016Brashear
" Dr Saucier is great, her staff also fun to deal with. All are reasonable and professional. Have recommended to general doctor and told they are recommending to clients/patients."
October, 2016Lone Oak
"I thoroughly enjoyed my facial. I will be back."
October, 2016Wylie
"Very quick and thorough."
October, 2016Rockwall
"I came in for a Hyrda Facial this time and was treated very kindly and everything was explained to me as it was being done. My experience was great."
October, 2016Garland
"Thank you for getting me in on short notice."
October, 2016Forney
"I am so grateful for your facility and Dr. Saucier. Before attending your facility, my daughter suffered from acne at the early age of 9. Acne started to take a toll on her self image. She would cry; she would tell me how her friends would point them out. We went to a dermatologist as soon as she started to break out. She was given ointments after ointments but nothing would work. I contacted Dr. Saucier after reading an article about her in Living magazine. My daughter suffered for 3 1/2 years with acne when she was under another dermatologist but after only 3 visits with Dr. Saucier, she is acne free!!!!! I love what Dr. Saucier did for my daughter. Not only did she clear up her acne but she gave her her self confidence back. We are extremely pleased with my daughter's face and with Dr. Saucier.
Dr. Saucier is a wonderful blessing to our family. Thank you so much and God Bless"
October, 2016Kaufman tx
"Staff was polite and kind..n the Dr. was very informative n understanding...thx so much n God Bless ur business n families"
October, 2016Dallas
"Dr Saucier is great. Friendly, knowledge, efficient. I drive 25 miles to see her and her team."
October, 2016Garland
"Great experience and follow up."
October, 2016Rockwall
"Beautiful office and staff. Very professional and courteous. Informative and thorough. Glad we chose Rockwall Dermatology. Thank you Dr. Saucier and staff."
October, 2016Garland
"Courteous, professional."
October, 2016Rockwall
"Professional operation. Dr. Saucier is outstanding."
October, 2016Rockwall
"In my 25 year career in health care, I have worked with many physicians and office team members. Most visits to medical professionals leave me disappointed, wanting more time, better service, a better clinician, etc. Am I a highly critical and demanding patient? Absolutely! This is my life, my health and my appearance on the line. I refuse to settle for mediocrity. Dr Saucier and her team are simply the best. Whether for medically necessary or cosmetic needs, her clinical skills are superior. She is clearly well educated, well trained, and continues her education to stay abreast of changes in clinical practice. Pair those skills with the softer skills, like bedside manner, and you have the perfect doc! She has treated me and my young adult daughter for some time now. I have nothing but a glowing recommendation for Dr Saucier and her team."
September, 2016Rockwall
"Great experience"
September, 2016Terrell
"Great place!"
September, 2016Rockwall
"I had a very pleasant experience at Rockwall Dermatology. The doctor listened to my concerns, explained what she thought was going on. The treatment was fast and painless. I thought her assistant was so very nice."
September, 2016Garland
"Great staff, very friendly and professional. Dr. Saucier is awsome."
September, 2016Rockwall
"I really like Dr. Saucier. She is very knowledgeable , friendly, and informative."
September, 2016Rowlett
"I felt comfortable with the doctor. Good eye contact and appeared not to rush or be impatient. Seemed really interested in providing her services to me. She acted very professional and competent which put me at ease."
September, 2016Rockwall
"I have already recommended this practice to many friends. Best dermatology practice in Rockwall."
September, 2016Kaufman
"Already referred someone."
September, 2016Rockwall
"Best dermatologist I have ever seen. Dr. Saucier is thorough and takes time to answer your questions and/or concerns! I have referred both my sister and daughter to her practice."
September, 2016Heath
"I called as a new patient with poison ivy. Your office had a cancellation and was able to see me immediately. Dr. Saucier spent time talking to me about my rash, explaining how poison ivy is spread, what my treatment options were and left me feeling like she could really help, and she did! I was impressed with her knowledge, her ability to communicate that with me, and how well her treatment has worked to take care of my poison ivy. I have already recommended her to my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you!"
September, 2016Dallas
"Always very happy with Rockderm and Dr. Saucier....very knowledgable, thoughtful, caring, and pleasant."
September, 2016Rockwall
"The Dr. and staff were friendly and courteous. Dr. Saucier explained the procedures and her recommendations very clearly. I was in and out in a very short time."
September, 2016Heartland, TX
"I am extremely pleased with Dr. Saucier's knowledge and her concern for my wellbeing and health. I am so fortunate to have found her after moving to the Rockwall area this past year!"
September, 2016Rockwall
"The doc and PA were amazing - I've already recommended the office."
September, 2016Wills Point, Texas
"They were very nice and helpful at what was needed"
September, 2016Royse City
"Very comfortable appointment."
August, 2016Rowlett Texas via Tempe Arizona
"The service I received was expert and precise. The Dr. and staff are extremely knowledgeable and proficient. They are understanding and extremely helpful. They answered all my questions and gave advice that was really appreciated."
August, 2016Rockwall Texas
"Pleasant experience for first time to see dermatologist. Dr performed thorough exam and removed problem area with on the initial visit. Office notified me the next day that the tissue was benign. I had a good experience and will use her practice in the future."
August, 2016Garland, TX
"Having been in the medical field for several years & having been in many doctors offices, I can truly say this doctor & staff are by far the most professional I've ever visited. I was so comfortable & extremely well treated. My results were called to me very promptly & a follow-up was scheduled. Thank you so much to a great physician & staff!"
August, 2016Rockwall
"They are great people and very polite."
August, 2016Rockwall
"I will never go anywhere else but Rockwall Dermatology! They are absolutely amazing! I am a realtor and feel so confident about Rockwall Dermatology I refer all my clients as well! Thank you for all you do!"
August, 2016Poetry / Rockwall area
"Very pleased with the treatment and explanation of the exam."
August, 2016Sunnyvale TX
"My visits with Dr. Saucier and her staff have been very positive each time I've been in her office. I appreciate not only their professionalism but their friendliness as well."
August, 2016Royse City
"Dr. Saucier is fantastic - thorough, instructive and easy-going personality"
August, 2016Rockwall, TX
"My husband, mother, and grandson are also patients. I shared with them. Very pleased with doctor and staff. Makes you feel very comfortable, listens, and explains."
July, 2016Rockwall
"My first visit. Just relocated from Florida. Dr. Saucier is outstanding! Her examination and diagnosis were exacting, and the lab results were turned around quickly. I am referring my wife and anyone else who is looking for a very well-qualified Dermotologist to Dr. Saucier and her capable staff."
July, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier was very through and took the time to explain things to me so that I could understand them. She answered all my questions. Everyone was very nice and respectful."
July, 2016Garland
"What an awesome visit to Rockwall dermatology..... everyone professional, so nice and helpful... thanks for a great new place for all my dermatological needs!"
July, 2016Rockwall
"Very professional and courteous staff and Doctor."
July, 2016Rockwall
"Very nice people, 100% trust"
July, 2016Forney
"Very friendly and personable staff. Made me feel very comfortable."
July, 2016Mesquite TX 75149
"Best of the best!"
July, 2016Rockwall
"I just went in for an overall skin check since I had not had a skin check in many years. It was a great education on the little bumps and growths that my skin has accumulated over the years and I left relieved that I had a thorough evaluation of my skin."
July, 2016Rockwall
"I am so happy that I found Dr. Saucier. She listened patiently to all of my skincare concerns and even had time in her schedule to do a small surgery in her office so that I would not have to make a repeat visit. The cost for the procedure was more reasonable than what I paid to my last dermatologist. I told my husband that I have found my "new favorite doctor." Many thanks to Dr. Saucier and her excellent staff for making my healthcare visit so productive and enjoyable. I highly recommend this practice!"
July, 2016Rockwall
"The doctor is extremely knowledgeable. She also relates well with all ages of people. You feel comfortable at the visit. Everytime I have gone she explains what is going on with the issue and the plan of action to solve the problem."
July, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Jessica Saucier exceeded my Doctor Customer Service expectations. It was an amazing experience to be treated like a individual person instead of a file folder...Especially since it had been a year since our first consultation. I have seen a lot of doctors in the last year - none come close to Dr. Saucier in treating with care and compassion."
July, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Top notch practice."
July, 2016Forney/Heath area
"Very professional. My time is precious and they respected that. I've already referred others. Thank you for being in ROCKWALL !!"
July, 2016Royse City
"Very professional and courteous."
June, 2016Rockwall, TX
"I received a thorough exam and explaination for all my questions. The doctor and staff were extremely polite."
June, 2016Terrell
"Dr. Saucier was extremely knowledgeable and spent time explaining all details of her diagnosis and treatment options. I appreciate how courteous all of the staff members were. I would recommend Dr. Saucier and Rockwall Dermatology."
June, 2016Rowlett, Texas
"I was pleased with everything and everyone. You are all the nicest people I have ever met in the medical field. You even called me and wished me happy birthday before I ever had my first visit. Sweetest people, I was so comfortable."
June, 2016Rockwall
"Great experience, will be back in a year!"
June, 2016Heath
"I love Dr saucier and the crew and I love her honesty"
June, 2016Heath
"I had a rash on my face that concerned me and they were able to see me on a same day basis! Always so nice and helpful!! I'm sure they had to squeeze me in but I was so grateful! It was poison ivy and the medicine got in under control by the next morning!"
June, 2016Riyadh- Saudi Arabia
"I have never been happier with any doctor the way I am with Dr. J. Saucier. She is beyond professional with a great passion too towards her patients."
June, 2016Rockwall
"Dr Saucier is the smartest and kindest physician I have seen. She truly cares."
June, 2016Rockwall
"Exceptional medical office these days with friendly staff and excellent communications and delivery. Recommend Dr Saucier to everyone."
June, 2016Greenville
"Beautiful office. Polite staff. Wonderful Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter felt comfortable and reassured by the doctor. The doctor was very patient and very thourough with my daughter. I cannot say enough nice things about the entire visit!!!!!!!"
June, 2016Rockwall
"I have not ever been to a doctors office where everyone was so helpful and nice. Great job!"
June, 2016Rockwall
"I enjoyed meeting both dr. Saucier and Dayna. Very nice and definitely will be back. Have already referred a friend!"
June, 2016Rockwall
"22 years ago I was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 33 and I was one of the lucky ones that it was caught before it had spread to my lymph nodes. My dermatologist of 25 years passed away so it was extremely important to me to find a new doctor who would take the time checking my body for any moles that could possibly be or become cancerous. Dr. Saucier came recommended to me and she and her staff exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends and family!"
June, 2016Rockwall
"I called first thing on a Friday morning. They suggested I come in immediately. Appointment was great. Before I left, they told me how much I should spend for the prescription. If it was more, they said I should call them. It ended up being a lot more, so called. Office told me what to do to get a lower cost. All worked just as they had said. Very good experience with this office. Will definitely use them again."
June, 2016Sulphur Springs, TX
"My concerns were addressed promptly and professionally by Dr. Saucier. I was pleased, and will certainly return for future care. Rockwall Dermatology is a very friendly place. JJ"
June, 2016Wills Point, TX
"I have been to two dermatologist before. I told my General Pactitioner about my frustration with each dermatologist. They walk into the room, look at my face, and tell me to stop picking. They did it in a way that made me feel ashamed. Dr. Saucier, not only did exam me with a bright light and a 10x magnifier. She also did not try to sell me anything extra she told me to put Vaseline on each lesion & use it as a bland moisturizer. Vaseline is cheap & does not clog pores. Great Doctor & staff."
June, 2016Rowlett
"The office was friendly and personable."
June, 2016Kaufman
"I had my appointment time wrong but they worked my in and I didn't have to wait long."
June, 2016Rockwall, Texas
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are polite. They make you feel important and are very knowledgeable. She explains the procedure to make you feel at ease. I look forward to many more procedures. She has exceeded my expectations each time."
June, 2016Wills Point
"Nursing assistant/doctor were easy to talk to and were very thorough with information on diagnosis and treatment options."
June, 2016Forney, Tx
"I was very impressed with the treatment I received and the professionalism of the Dr and staff."
June, 2016Mesquite, Texas
"Appreciate the skin wellness exam. In 20 years of seeing a dermatologist, this is the first time I have had a body scan."
June, 2016Greenville
"I had a wonderful experience and would strongly recommend Dr. Jessica to all. She is smart, pleasant and professional. What a breath of fresh air!!"
June, 2016Rowlett
"Each person I was in contact with was very friendly & kind which made my visit very comfortable and pleasant."
June, 2016Heath
"Thanks for seeing and treating my rampant swelling of my right calf, foot, and ankle. The onset was so sudden I would have had to go to an emergency room if your office had not seen me expeditiously. The staff and Doctor were most accommodating. Today I am back to normal. Thanks for the professional treatment."
June, 2016Mesquite
"Very pleased and impressed as a new patient! I have already recommended to my daughter and friends!"
June, 2016Rowlett
"Takes appropriate time to understand all concerns and thoroughly explains cause and treatments. All personnel are extremely polite, compassionate and caring."
June, 2016Point, Texas
"I would highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology to my family and friends."
May, 2016Garland
"They helped ease my concern for what my daughter had."
May, 2016Forney
"The wait time in the waiting room was very minimal and once I got into the exam room, I waited under 5 minutes before I was seen by the doctor. The staff and Dr. Saucier are very polite, informative, and courteous."
May, 2016mesquite tx
"I really liked dr saucier she took a true interest in my condition and was very thorough and proffesional."
May, 2016Rockwall
"Other medical offices should visit Rockwall Dermatology to learn how their office should be run. Warm, friendly, organized and caring."
May, 2016Wills Point
"Dr. Saucier was so informative. I really liked the fact that she listened and seemed interested in what I had to say. She was also very thorough in her exam."
May, 2016Fate
"Dr. Saucier was friendly, polite and thorough. She listened to our questions and concerns and responded to them in a respectful and thoughtful manner. My husband and I didn't feel rushed, which is so common nowadays."
May, 2016Heath
"My experience with Dr. Saucer and her staff was A+. Everyone were so friendly and professional."
May, 2016Rockwall
"This was one of the best Doctor visits that my wife and I have been to since moving to Rockwall. Everyone from the receptionist to the Dr. were superb, and very thorough."
May, 2016Rockwall
"All staff took the time to explain my treatment plan... very impressed."
May, 2016Rockwall
"I don't think I have visited a doctors office where everyone was so nice and so helpful regarding everything. Dr. Saucier is very knowledgable and let's you know what's happening very quickly. Great dermatologist office!"
May, 2016Quinlan
"Very nice staff"
May, 2016Dallas
"This was a follow-up appt. Dr. Saucier was pleased that the medication had cleared my condition. So was I. It simply means to me that the diagnosis and treatment plan were spot on, as usual. A remarkably astute and caring physician."
May, 2016Rowlett
"Everything about my visit was absolutely flawless! I was in and out in no time at all, and the staff was just amazing! I will definitely return for my dermatology needs, and recommend this practice to others!"
May, 2016Forney
"I loved how knowledgable the doctor was. She was reassuring and understanding. She provided options to our problem. Thank you."
April, 2016Rockwall
"The doctor was courteous and kind, relaxed, thorough serious about the diagnosis and quick with a solution. We'll see if the problem is fixed."
April, 2016Rockwall
"Top tier service and medical treatment. I recommend Rockwall Dermatology."
April, 2016Forney, TX
"Thank You!"
April, 2016Rockwall
"Very satisfied"
April, 2016Fate, TX
"I called Monday morning and was given 1:40 appt.; I was in and out of the office in about 30 minutes with my problem resolved. Great response from my call about the newly formed red spot on my right thigh."
April, 2016Rockwall
"This was the first time at Rockwall Dermatology, and it was a very pleasant experience. I will return if needed and will recommend to others. Very nice people."
April, 2016Rockwall
"Everyone at Rockwall Dermatology was extremely professional and polite."
April, 2016Sachse
"Our 5 yr old son visited with Dr. Saucier and her amazing staff for a skin issue that just kept progressing. They were helpful, patient, and informative, and his skin is on the road to recovery. It's so nice to finally have answers and a resolution!"
April, 2016Forney
"Tori is the sweetest! And Dr. Saucier is helping me with my skin care needs ☺️"
April, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is professional and compassionate. She takes the time to really listen then explains all options thoroughly. Her office staff is always friendly and caring."
April, 2016Royse City, Texas
"Beautiful office! Dr Jessica Saucier and Tori were very professional and knowledgeable! They answer all my questions! If I had more money, I would definitely trust Dr Saucier with cosmetic treatments too!"
April, 2016Recently moved from Olympia, WA area to Lavon, TX
"DR Saucier was very nice and efficient. She did a complete exam and then explained the area's that needed biopsy and we did four. She fully explained the issues and recommended a cream for my arms and hands. Also, the Dr's assistant was very nice and also excellent."
April, 2016Rowlett
"Great experience, very pleased with my treatment and staff was great and helpful"
April, 2016Garland
"Nice to have treatment options - friendly & professional."
April, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier provided the most extensive and complete exam I ever had. She was knowledgeable and helpful when answering my questions. I highly recommend her for any or all dermological concerns."
April, 2016Rockwall
"I love Dr. Saucier. She's the best dermatologist and been extremely helpful with two of my children. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
April, 2016Quinlan, Texas
"This was the best experience I`ve had at a doctors office in a very long time. I will recommend you to others. Thanks again"
April, 2016Heath, TX
"This was my first visit to Rockwall Dermatology. I appreciated how friendly, respectful, and professional every one was. I have recommended Dr. Saucier to my husband also."
April, 2016Rockwall
"Great place, great doctor, great service! The waiting time was really short, the staff very courteous and professional and the doctor top notch! I would highly recommend them to family and friends."
April, 2016Middle East, Saudi Arabia
"Being treated by Dr. J. S. means the world to me. She is professional, has lots passion to her career as a Doctor. Gives no divided attention to any patient. She is fully dedicated to each patient like no other. I would follow her where ever she goes. She is my all times Doctor."
April, 2016Quinlan
"Have not been to dermatlogist in many years. The doctor saw me and I was completely comfortable with her exam and treatment. Will be back and recommend her and the staff here."
April, 2016Mesquite
"Thanks for everything. Sweetest bunch of people who were genuinely concerned about my rash. Very helpful in explaining what options I had."
April, 2016Rowlett
"Dr. Saucier was so very kind and concerned. She is the first doctor that has really looked at my skin and assessed what she thought is going on in 3 years. It was such a blessing to have her suggest a treatment plan that seems to be working. Her staff went above and beyond when the cost of the medication was beyond what I could pay and found other resources for me. Amazing doctor and wonderful staff!"
April, 2016Royse City
"So glad I found y'all!! Very happy! LKJ"
April, 2016Rockwall
"Everyone I talked to was extremely helpful."
April, 2016Rowlett
"We really like your practice and Dr. Saucier!"
April, 2016Garland
"Great visit and good staff. The doctor knows her business"
April, 2016Lavon
"Everyone there is very nice and helpful. Dr. Saucier is very nice and always listens and explains things well, as well as follows through when needed."
April, 2016Rockwall
"Very good!"
April, 2016Forney
"1st Class...."
April, 2016Rowlett, Texas
"From my very first visit I was impressed with Dr Saucier and her staff and their ability to answer all my questions and put me at ease for my procedure."
April, 2016Fate, TX
"Everything was great!!"
March, 2016Caddo Mills, Texas
"I was very impressed with the knowledge of my problem & care needed by Dr. Saucier. She was very professional & easy to talk to about my problem. I felt she addressed the situation with clear & precise instructions."
March, 2016Heath
"I appreciated seeing the doctor versus a PA or assistant at other offices."
March, 2016Rockwall
"Very courteous and thoughtful in providing excellent care."
March, 2016Rockwall, Texas
"Dr.Saucier is a great doctor. I highly recommend her."
March, 2016Terrell Texas
"Great experience everybody was so nice and professional."
March, 2016Sachse, TX
"The appointment was a very pleasant experience. I liked Dr. Saucier a great deal. She answered all my questions and explained all the procedures."
March, 2016Rockwall
"I like the people at Dr Saucier's office:. They are professional, personable and very knowledgeable."
March, 2016Wylie Texas
"Was very good service liked the DR"
March, 2016Royse City, Texas
"Everyone was professional and courteous. Wait time was minimal. Very satisfied with the service provided."
March, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her team were wonderful. They made my son (the patient) feel comfortable and listened carefully to his scenario before addressing the issue. We will definitely be back!"
March, 2016Rockwall
"The physician and staff were all very courteous and professional. I could not have asked for better. I would heartily recommend Rockwall Dermatology to anyone."
March, 2016Rockwall, TX
"Dr. Saucier is fantastic. She is always patient and kind and listens to our concerns."
March, 2016Rockwall, Texas
"It was the best dermatology appointment I have ever had. Dr. Saucier and her staff made me feel 100% comfortable. I was very happy with her advice and plan to go back and have additional procedures."
March, 2016Heartland
"Dr. Saucier and her staff displayed a genuine concern for my health and well being, was highly professional, and offered a new treatment option that I was not aware of before. I highly recommend Dr. Saucier and her staff."
March, 2016Rockwall
"Really happy with my visit. Already recommended Dr. Saucier to my husband and would be happy to recommend to other family and friends."
March, 2016Ennis
"I have been a patient of Dr. Saucier since she started her practice . She has been willing to listen and secure medical needs and answer for me about my skin questions. I as well as my mother and late grandmother attend her practice. We are thankful to have her as our dermatologist."
March, 2016Heath
"Excellent, modern facility and friendly, courteous doctor and staff."
March, 2016Mesquite, TX
"Great experience. I was amazed of the strong interpersonal professional attention and explanations. From one healthcare professional to another, well done and awesome experience."
March, 2016Rockwall
"Good experience"
March, 2016Royse City
"I would recommend my family and friends to visit Rockwall Dermatology."
March, 2016Rowlett
"Both the doctor and staff were courteous and informative."
February, 2016Sulphur Springs, Texas
"We first started seeing Dr. Saucier when she was in a Dallas location. Now that she is in Rockwall, it is much more convenient for us. She takes the time to answer questions and does a thorough job of checking your skin. Very happy and will continue to see her."
February, 2016Sunnyvale
"Great Dr. She listens, she explains. Great service."
February, 2016Royse City
"I felt so taken care of by Dr. Saucier and the nurse during my appointment. They both listened so well, and really took the time to explain my condition to me. I am completely satisfied with my visit, and would highly recommend Dr. Saucier and her staff."
February, 2016Rowlett
"Great office staff and doctor!!!!"
February, 2016Rockwall
"Very good experience from start to finish. Courteous and knowledgable staff. Dr. Saucier was thorough, professional and friendly."
February, 2016Midlothian Tx
"Dr. Saucier is the best. She listens and treats you like you're her best friend."
February, 2016Midlothian
"Everyone is very friendly and professional. Dr. Saucier is very helpful in explaining in layman's terms her diagnosis and treatment."
February, 2016Campbell
"This was my first visit to a Dermatologist and I was a little nervous. Everyone was so friendly and nice to me that I got comfortable being there for my visit. I enjoyed my visit and I learned a lot. I would definitely come back for future visits. I highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology. Thank you everyone for the great visit."
February, 2016Murphy, TX
"Fantastic visit. It was an extremely efficient and thorough examination. I couldn't be happier with my visit. Thanks Rockwall Dermatology."
February, 2016Rowlett
"This place is great. Dr. Saucier is a very nice doctor and I would recommend everyone to go see her if you need a great dermatologist."
February, 2016Caddo Mills, Tx
"The Dr, Nurse, everyone was excellent. They know just what to say and really calmed me, because I was very scared, but I became very comfortable w them The Sweetest staff!!!!!"
February, 2016Lone Oak, Tx.
"Felt they were very true and experienced in their field."
February, 2016Rockwall
"I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Saucier. She is the best! She performed a very extensive exam and was not in a hurry to perform surgery or invasive procedures. I really liked that about her. She put my mind at ease about the lesions and displayed a real concern. She did not make me feel rushed and took time to explain everything to my satisfaction. I have already given her name and number to a co-worker in my office whose dermatologist is no longer on our insurance plan. Thanks to everyone in the office from the appointment desk, to the nurse, to the doctor. Everyone exhibited a very caring and friendly attitude which was much appreciated!"
February, 2016Rockwall
"I am so thrilled to have found Dr. Saucier and have already shared her name with several people who had yet to find the type of dermatologist they were seeking. She is a great asset for the community, particularly to those of us not able to afford expensive health coverage. Dr. Saucier does much to ease the stress of a referral to a specialist, as that can be the point a medical issue is worsening. She has a comforting yet highly informative style. Traits not necessarily found in a singular physician, particularly a specialist. She is simultaneously able to communicate that though an issue is serious but by working together and following her directives, a positive outcome should be achieved. Dr. Saucier has the perfect combination of professional demeanor, personality and compassion. Her expansive education, training and talents are evident and have a healing impact from first visit."
February, 2016Dallas
"Dr. Saucier is attentive and clearly interested in symptoms, their causes and corresponding solutions. Furthermore, her treatment plans are subsequently effective and reasonable. She doesn't over treat and is clearly more interested in patient success and satisfaction than in any easy profit scheme. She's one in a million!"
February, 2016Rockwall
"Very professional, courteous, and caring group. I enjoy seeing the people that work there. I like the doctor that explains all the options but also lets me know her professional opinion."
February, 2016Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are always pleasant and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a dermatologist and/or anti-aging procedures."
February, 2016Rockwall
"Called about a facial rash and was seen the next morning! Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable group!"
February, 2016Caddo Mills, TX.
"Everyone was so wonderful. I already told many people how sweet and careing everyone was. The Dr and Nurse explained everything thoroughly to me . Where I know what they were going to do. I Loved them."
January, 2016Heath
"Dr Saucier and her staff are always friendly and professional!! I know I am in good hands!!"
January, 2016Mesquite
"This office is by far the best we've ever been to. I'm a RN and know how busy they are but they all made us feel they had lots of time for us."
January, 2016Rockwall, Texas
"The staff and my doctor are awesome! They are taking great care of me and are always concerned about my well-being. I have recommended them to my friends and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent dermatology team."
January, 2016Rockwall
"Can you believe a doctor was actually on time. No waiting."
January, 2016Heath, TX
"Dr. Saucier is very caring and gentle. She thoroughly explained the procedure and made sure that I was comfortable with each and every step. She is just the best doctor I have every seen!"
January, 2016Heath
"I always appreciate the generous amount of time Dr. Saucier spends to thoroughly explain my condition and treatment. The knowledge she has sets her apart from other providers. As always, thank you."
January, 2016Burkburnett, Texas
"Thanks to Dr Saucier and her caring and persistence I am now clear of my difficult to treat Psoriasis. At 36 I've not been clear this long in the 34 years I've suffered from this horrible disease. She never gave up on my treatment and because of that I am now maintaining 98% clear on a daily basis. She literally saved my sanity."
January, 2016Rockwall, TX
"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to schedule an appointment. Two working days later for a non-emergency? Unheard of! Staff was great, and my only issue is that the exam room was freezing...maybe because I had an early morning appointment, but when you are wearing nothing but a paper gown a warmer room would have been SO welcome :)"
January, 2016Rockwall
"I had a wonderful experience."
January, 2016Rowlett TX
"Knows What she is doing"
January, 2016Rockwall
"My Dr referred me to Rockwall Dermatology because I requested a female doctor in the local area. Dr. Saucier's office contacted me within a few hours and I was able to schedule an appointment for the next day. Upon arriving at the office I was greeted warmly and professionally. I barely had to wait 5 minutes before being escorted to the exam room. Dr Saucier saw me immediately afterward. The exam was thorough and professional. We discussed my areas of concern and multiple options I will definitely return for any future concern as well as for my yearly screening."
January, 2016Rockwall, TX
"I was thoroughly impressed with the entire staff, from Dr. Saucier on, and would highly recommend Rockwall Dermatology."
January, 2016Rockwall, TX
"A great practice. Everyone is wonderful and helpful. I have recommemded several people to your business. Dr. Jessica is absolutely the best."
January, 2016Rockwall
"We love Rockwall Dermatology! I have taken my son to other derms in the area, but they just couldn't get rid of his acne. Dr. Saucier is amazing and got his acne cleared up in no time. Dr. Saucier was understanding about making the regamin simple for my 15 year old son. I recommend her to everyone! We are lucky to have such a great doctor in Rockwall!"
January, 2016Lavon, TX
"Thanks to Dr. Saucier for helping me find a diagnosis and treatment that has started me on the road to recovery!"
January, 2016Rockwall
"I really appreciate being seen so quickly and the doctor being on time. The doctor was knowledgeable and everyone was very nice to work with."
January, 2016Crandall
"I was very happy with my visit. The staff is very professional and the office is fabulous. I absolutely will come back in the future."
January, 2016McLendon-Chisholm
"My feet haven't been in this good of condition for over 50 years. Athlete's foot is gone. I'm beyond pleased."
January, 2016Forney
"The Doctor and staff are the best I've seen in years and I would highly recommend them every chance I get."
December, 2015Heath
"I appreciate Dr. Saucier thoroughly explaining my diagnosis. The patient portal is helpful as well."
December, 2015Forney
"Have never been to a dermatologist & had to take my son. Super nice doctor & staff. Explained in detail the problem & procedure to help remedy it. Would go back & would highly recommend as well!"
December, 2015Rockwall
"I appreciate the professionalism and compassion of Dr. Saucier and her staff."
December, 2015Scurry
"Very satisfied with the dr.s and assistance attention to my needs. I will be going back."
December, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Jessica was on time, very professional and took care of my problem."
December, 2015Fate
"I was very impressed with the whole setup. Everyone seemed very contented to be working there. The exam was thorough and the treatment I received was professional in all respects."
December, 2015Rockwall
"Everyone at Rockwall dermatology was professional and kind. I appreciated being seen on time and am very happy with the care I am receiving from Dr. Jessica. She was my third dermatologist and by far the best I have ever seen. I'm glad I found her!"
December, 2015Brashear
"I really appreciate the doctor and the staff. They are very smart and smart enough to look things up when they need the little more information."
December, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier is kind and attentive."
December, 2015Rockwall
"You are all awesome. Thank you!"
December, 2015Nevada, TX
"The office girls, Holly and Jennifer, "I believe" are their names are absolutely on top of their game. I am so pleased to find a place with such highly professional and friendly staff. The doctor is like a breath of fresh air and the PA is as well. This was my 2nd trip and I will definitely use them for all my future dermatology needs. My wife is also fixing to become a patient there. Thanks for the great work and I will most certainly refer anyone that is in need."
December, 2015Rockwall
"I had a great experience with Rockwall Dermatology. The staff is very polite and helpful."
December, 2015Englewood, CO
"Great experience with Dr. SAUCIER and her staff. I was very well taken care of, scheduling was very promt and greatly exceeded my expectation, and I was treated as good as I could have wished for. I put my trust in them, and they have won more than that."
December, 2015Forney
"The staff was able to get me in for a same day appt which I appreciated very much. The Dr. spent time explaining in detail her diagnosis which was very helpful. I will definitely return as needed and recommend."
November, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Jessica Saucier explained every thought she had concerning my issue. I will absolutely go back to her. My entire experience from my first phone call to the moment I walked out the door was beyond positive. The staff is very polite and courteous. I am happy to have found Dr. Jessica Saucier so closer to the place I live."
November, 2015Rockwall
"The staff at Dr. Saucier's office is nice, personable and very professional."
November, 2015Rockwall
"Rockwall Dermatology is one of the best medical offices I have ever visited. Dr. Saucier is superb, and the staff could not be any better. I value my relationship with Rockwall Dermatology."
November, 2015Rockwall
"The doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable."
November, 2015Heath
"Dr. Jessica Saucier is exceptional I appreciate her attention to my needs. I searched other doctors in the Rockwall area, and am very please I found Rockwall Dermatology. I am a patient for a long time."
November, 2015Dallas
"This was one of the most pleasant Dr.'s appointments I have ever experienced!"
November, 2015Forney
"Thank you so much to the courteous & accommodating staff. Of course, thank you also to Dr. Saucier for her time & effort in explaining to me everything I needed to know about my skin. You were all wonderful!"
October, 2015Heath
"I love Dr. Jessica's honesty and concern and the staff are very professional and polite especially Dr. Jessica's nurse."
October, 2015Quinlan, TX
"Everything was wonderful about seeing Dr. Saucier. She is kind, patient, and helps you understand what you need to know about what she is doing. Would like the examine rooms to be a little warmer.. It was cold in there."
October, 2015Rockwall
"I have been more than pleased with Dr.Saucier and her staff. The treatments I have received were very effective and I plan to continue with additional options they offer."
October, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier and her staff are all very professional. I would recommend them to anyone needing a Dermatologist."
October, 2015Brashear, which is just west of Sulphur Springs
"This dermatologist is fantastic, sense of humour when you want it and very into detail and knowledge. Willingness to research information not feeling knows it all. I have recommended her to others. Just might want to keep the office a bit warmer during summer.. ;‐)"
October, 2015Heath
"Dr. Saucier was excellent. She explained my options and was very pleasant. I definitely would recommend her."
October, 2015New Boston, TX
"The visit was on time, with almost no wait involved. Dr. Saucier and her staff were very courteous, kind, helpful, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone seeking dermatology help."
October, 2015Fate / Rockwall
"I was very happy with my entire experience with Dr. Saucier and her staff. They made me feel comfortable and showed genuine caring about my concerns over my medical problem. Later, I wrote a question to the doctor on their portal site and expected to receive an email reply. But the next morning, Dr. Saucier personally called me, saying she felt it best to call to make sure I understood. I was impressed and pleased. This was my first visit with Dr. Saucier but it won't be my last. I will definitely recommend her to my family and friends."
October, 2015Rockwall
"I arrived an hour early as my husband had an appointment in the same building so we rode together. The Dr. saw me as soon as she was finished with another patient so I was able to see her early. This was very kind."
September, 2015Royse City, TX
"The Doctor and nurses and other staff members were polite and treated me like I was important and with respect. The doctor explained everything in detail and followed up with results of test taken. Great place and would recommend to all family and friends."
September, 2015Rockwall
"Great appointment, very helpful and informative."
September, 2015Rockwall
"I really like Dr Saucier and staff! Very personable & easy to work with. Dr Saucier really takes the time to listen."
September, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier, Tori and the entire staff were absolutely the best!! I will definitely come back to see her and recommend her to all my friends and family. Dr. Saucier please stay as sweet and attentive as you are today. It was a joy meeting you."
September, 2015Royse City
"Very courteous and got in to see the doctor at my scheduled appointment time!! The doctor explained everything related to skin cancer and answered my questions clearly. I was there for a routine check-up."
September, 2015Royse City
"With the large health care systems these days, it's hard to find a doctor you can actually establish a relationship with. I feel like I can do that with Dr. Saucier. My visit was thorough, efficient, and respectful of my time."
September, 2015Royse City
"Dr. Saucier and the staff were very helpful and explained everything in detail. Was very satisfied with my treatment. Will let my friends and family know about Rockwall Dermatology."
August, 2015Rockwall
"Very good, caring care."
August, 2015Forney
"The office staff and medical staff were very courteous, knowledgable, and friendly. I called on a Wednesday for an appointment and was able to be seen on Friday of that same week. Dr. Saucier was very thorough and was able to determine treatment for my blemish issues, and I didn't have to wait long at all in the waiting room or in the exam room. I will be recommending Rockwall Dermatology to my friends and family!"
August, 2015Mesquite
"Rockwall Dermatology was great. Nice, new and extremely clean. Staff was very friendly and courteous. I would definately return and recommend to others."
August, 2015Rockwall
"Dr. Saucier took more time and seemed more concerned about my issues than any other dermatologist I have ever seen. She saw things that other Dr.'s have been missing for years. I just moved to the area and am so grateful I found her."
August, 2015Mesquite
"I love dr.saucier bedside manner very professional very helpful"
August, 2015Rockwall
"Very pleased with the environment and the attention I received from the time I arrived until I left. Dr. Saucier and staff were very professional. So glad you are in Rockwall and I have already recommended Dr. Saucier to others."
August, 2015Heath
"Absolutely love the doctor. She is very good at letting me know that she has my best interests in mind and knows what she is doing. She even does a good job keeping up with my dry humor. All the more reason to love her. I enjoy the visit and come away knowing that I have been under expert care."
August, 2015
"I found Dr. Saucier and her office extremely organized. I was extremely comfortable with both Dr. Saucier and her staff. I have confidence in her ability to treat me."
August, 2015Rockwall
"I was really impressed with the professionalism of the staff and doctor and the friendliness of everyone. I'm so happy we finally have a great dermatology practice in Rockwall!"
August, 2015
"New patient and downloaded and completed new patient forms. Paperwork went smooth and office was very nice. Dr. Saucier saw me in a very timely manner and examined me. Dr. Saucier was very nice and took time to answer all my questions. I was looking for a local Dermatologist and I found her. After being treated by her I would recommend her to anyone."
August, 2015Rockwall
"The lady that works with Dr.Saucier was very kind and professional as was Dr. Saucier who took the time to answer my question. It's my hope that Dr. Saucier stays with Humana, my insurance company."
July, 2015Rowlett
"My experience was great. Dr. Saucier took time with me about all of the concerns I voiced. The previous dermatologist I was seeing made me feel more like a number than a person; hardly listening to what I was saying and shooing me out of her office. I'm happy I discussed my dermatology needs with my PCP because she recommended Dr. Saucier. I will be back and will happily refer friends and family. Also, the ambiance of the office is awesome. It doesn't feel like a doctor's office — all stuffy and stale. It's warm and inviting; I really like that."
July, 2015Rockwall
"Thank you for providing the patient portal as a way for us to keep up with our medical information and as a way to communicate with Dr. Saucier."
July, 2015
"Excellent and caring service. Outstanding medical facility."
July, 2015
"My experience with Rockwall Dermatology, Dr. Saucier, Tori, and the other staff was wonderful. The visit was friendly, efficient, and professional. Thank you!"
June, 2015
"This was my first appointment at Rockwall Dermatology, and everything went very well. The doctor was friendly and knowledgeable, and the staff was quite pleasant. Thanks for taking good care of me!"
June, 2015
"Dr. Saucier and her staff made me feel very comfortable. Their care and concern were very genuine and appreciated. I will return for my routine dermatology needs/care!"
June, 2015
"This was my first time to visit a Dermatologist. I was very impressed by everyone involved from the lady who answered the phone to the Doctors assistant who interviewed me about my concerns. Dr Saucier was very polite and listened to my concerns and explained her recommendations for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Saucier to anyone in need of a Dermatologist."
June, 2015
"When the Dermatologist I had been recommended to told me they were no longer taking new patients, I was now on the search for someone I could trust. I definitely made the right decision when choosing Rockwall Dermatology! I called on a Tuesday & had an appointment scheduled by that Thursday... & I had even called a few minutes after closing but the sweet receptionist still took the time to make me an appointment! Dr Saucier was great & took plenty of time to explain things to me before ultimately removing a mole that has been bothering me for over 10 years. I have already recommended your office to a few people & my dad has an appointment for next week! Thanks for all of your compassion & kindness!"
June, 2015
"This is just the practice I was looking for. Friendly and professional."
June, 2015
"Dr. Saucier took the time to explain things to me and was very nice. I'm glad to have a female dermatologist in Rockwall."
June, 2015
"I was pleasantly surprised to get an appointment with Dr. Saucier the day after I called. She was friendly and very informative. I was given options to choose in my own timing. I look forward to returning in the near future. I highly recommend her!"
June, 2015
"I had a great time with a very intelligent and understanding doctor.. Dr. Saucier is willing to listen, explain, and not make decisions without your input and understanding... this is how a person should be treated."
May, 2015Garland
"Dr. Saucier showed how much she cared about my concerns in a prompt, caring and professional manner. She addressed my issue by throughly explaining the procedure to be used and what the results would be. Her assistant was very caring and both of them made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. The entire office staff were kind and informative."
May, 2015
"After my experience with another local dermatologist, Dr Saucier and her staff were awesome. I was treated with the dignity and respect each dr office should give. If there is ever a need for a dermatologist I would definitely go back."
May, 2015
"Dr Saucier was so informative. She along with her staff were so courteous and respectful. We are thankful for finding a great dermatologist near us."
April, 2015
"Rockwall Dermatology is an excellent resource for all patients, regardless of age. The office is new and inviting. The doctor is professional and thorough and the office staff and assistants are highly qualified and friendly."
April, 2015
"Very comfortable office and excellent staff."
April, 2015
"My husband and I are very satisfied with the care from Dr. Saucier. She is well-qualified, listens carefully, gives options and very professional. She is accessible and cares about her patients. We drive a distance to keep her as our dermatologist."
April, 2015
"Excellent service, great Dr."
April, 2015
"Having been an office nurse for over 40 years I was highly impressed with Rockwall Dermatology. It is an efficient office with a professional staff yet personal feel. I would not hesitate to recommend this office to a perspective patient as a health professional myself."
April, 2015
"Dr. Saucier is wonderful, everyone in the office is so nice. I like the atmosphere and how they made sure my questions were answered. The staff really made me feel comfortable and cared for."
April, 2015
"Outstanding service not only by Dr. Saucier but ALL staff. I’ve never seen something similar. Dr. Saucier not only answered all questions through Patient Portal, she called me at home and cell (leaving messages) making sure my questions were answered. This demonstrates her professionalism and care. Please keep it put! Never give up! In addition, Patient Portal is a good tool – patients should take advantage of it. There’re so many of us out there who need doctors like you – doctors who REALLY care. THANK YOU Dr. Saucier for helping me. Best to you and your team!"
March, 2015
"I feel privileged to have been able to make an appointment with Dr. Saucier at her new offices in Rockwall. Her credentials are very impressive but, more importantly, her manner is uniquely compassionate! Her approach to the patient is, or should be, a model for all physicians. It's nice to not feel or be made to feel inferior in the company of someone so highly trained, intelligent and kind. I have recommended this office and Dr. Saucier to friends, because of the relaxed and positive atmosphere that exemplifies her offices. I wish her great success!"
March, 2015
"Was impressed with the waiting room, the assistant and Dr. Saucier. She took quite a bit of time with me and asked various questions concerning my health. I was impressed and have already recommended her to some of my friends."
March, 2015
"#1 dermatologist."
March, 2015
"My husband and I travel over an hour to Dr. Saucier's new office. That's how much we appreciate her professional expertise and personal care. Top notch? How about a Minnesota superlative? "Pretty good. You betcha!""
March, 2015
"Dr. Saucier is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate! Would highly recommend her!"

*Individual experiences will vary, but we always strive for the best.