Whether you are making a reservation or already have an appointment scheduled, get prepared for your visit to Rockwall Dermatology and maximize your time with the provider. Complete these recommendations prior to your appointment.

What to do before an appointment

  • Update information in the Portal
  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment

What to bring to an appointment

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Policy Information (if applicable)
  • Health Savings Account Information (if applicable)
  • Method of Payment

How to physically prepare

A thorough skin exam requires the provider to look at your nails and your skin. To facilitate a proper exam do these few things prior to your appointment:

  • Remove your makeup
  • Remove your fingernail and toenail polish
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, etc.

How to mentally prepare

The provider may ask you some of the following questions. Think about your answers to the following questions or even write them down.

  • When did you first notice the growth/lesion? Has it grown significantly?
  • Have you been previously diagnosed with skin cancer?
  • Have any family members been diagnosed with skin cancer?
  • Did you spend a lot of time at the beach/pool when you were a child?
  • How much sun exposure do you get on a regular basis?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with any type of cancer?
  • Have you received radiation therapy for any medical condition?
  • Are you now, or have you, taken medications which can suppress your immune system?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Have you had exposure to pesticides/herbicides in your work?
  • What precautions do you take when you go out in the sun?
  • How often do you do a self-skin exam?
  • What types of skin products do you use on a regular basis?
  • What is your occupation?

How to transfer medical records

A copy of your medical records can only be released to you or another person you designate or transferred to Rockwall Dermatology with your written permission. If you have medical history with another Dermatology provider, please download and print the Medical Records Release form. Complete this document and return it to your most recent Dermatology provider in order to transfer your records to Rockwall Dermatology.

Download the Medical Records Release Form.

How we handle inclement weather

In the event of inclement weather, our office will follow the Rockwall Independent School District closure schedule for morning hours. A website update will provide more information for appointments scheduled in the afternoon.

Clients affected by closures or delays will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule appointments.


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