3 Summertime Treatments

Stopping your skin care treatments and product regimen during the summer is generally unnecessary and may result in a lapse of your overall skin health goals. That's right, many of our popular skin care treatments can be safely administered throughout the year so you can keep your healthy glow all year long. Here are three summertime treatments we love that we get questions about all the time.

3 Summertime Treatments You Thought You Couldn't Have

  • 1. Dermaplaning

    A wonderful treatment for any time of the year, dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin cells and any peach fuzz on the face by means of mechanical exfoliation. That and the conditioning products used during the treatment will give a beautiful glow and smoothness to skin that everyone wants all year long.

  • 2. Superficial Chemical Peels

    It's true, the right chemical peel can be a safe and effective way to rejuvenate skin and unclog pores leaving skin feeling new and refreshed. There's virtually no downtime with a superficial chemical peel so you can often get right back to your activities.

  • 3. Laser Hair Reduction

    Newer generation technology allows us to perform more laser treatments during the summer. Here's why: the laser is capable of bypassing the skin to target the melanin pigment and safely reduce hair. Even so, you still want to avoid the sun right after your laser hair reduction treatment so plan accordingly.

Individual results may vary.


Find out what summertime treatments may be right for you during a consultation to assess your own goals and unique needs. A consultation fee of $100 is applied to your visit and can be immediately transferred to your treatment plan.

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