About cosmetic dermatology

Dr. Jessica Saucier

Dr. Jessica Saucier, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist, is the physician specialist of choice for providing expert skin care advice and performing skin related cosmetic medical procedures.

What is a board-certified dermatologist?

The 12 years of post-secondary education that it takes to become a board-certified dermatologist in addition to required ongoing professional training in the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology are an important part of what distinguishes a cosmetic skin care expert like Dr. Saucier from others. Her artist's eye and a perfectionist's attitude help a great deal too.

No one is more qualified than a dermatologist to treat problems of the skin. Dr. Saucier, our board-certified dermatologist, has earned that expert distinction by:

  • Completing a bachelor's degree in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT);
  • Completing 4 years of medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School becoming a medical doctor (MD);
  • Completing a 5 year ACGME accredited combined residency in dermatology and internal medicine at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics;
  • Passing the American Board of Dermatology exam;
  • Participating in ongoing maintenance of board certification program; and
  • Having a license to practice medicine.

Remember, the quality and safety of any cosmetic procedure depends largely on the knowledge and skill of the person performing the procedure. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not only about your appearance and convenience. At Rockwall Dermatology, your health and safety come first. That's why Dr. Saucier administers or supervises every cosmetic procedure in the clinic.

What questions do I ask before a cosmetic procedure?

Every cosmetic procedure has certain associated risks. Reduce your risks by asking a few important questions as you choose the right provider to perform your cosmetic medical procedure.

  • Who will be performing the procedure?
  • Will the Doctor see me before the procedure appointment?
  • What are the Doctor's credentials? Is he/she appropriately trained for the procedure?
  • Where is the procedure being performed?
  • What results can be expected?
  • What is the expected downtime?
  • What are the potential risks and complications?

What are consumers' top 5 cosmetic concerns*?

*Based on responses from a 2015 ASDS consumer survey.

What cosmetic procedures may be right for me?


A consultation with Dr. Saucier is necessary to assess your own cosmetic goals and unique needs. A consultation fee of $100 is applied to your visit and, in most cases, can be immediately transferred to your customized treatment plan.

Contact our office to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

Consumers of cosmetic procedures seek dermatology expertise.